Ultimus Listed As “Honorable Mention” BPA platform in 2010 By Gartner

by MK Strupe on Wed, Mar 03, 2010 @ 02:09 PM

Ultimus is pleased to announce that Gartner has evaluated the Ultimus' Business Process Analysis (BPA) platform in the "Honorable Mention" BPA tier for 2010. Inclusion in the Gartner 2010 BPA report continues Ultimus' long history of BPA excellence recognized by Gartner.

Going back to 1994, Ultimus has a legacy of Business Process Management (BPM) and has grown through the years to offer a BPA platform. Current BPM customers and partners leverage Ultimus' BPA platform as part of their process simulation and continuous process optimization strategies. Additionally, non-BPM customers are able to leverage Ultimus' BPA platform as a stand-alone process modeling and analytic tool.

As part of the 2010 BPA review, Gartner conducted both a product demo and market review with Ultimus. From a product perspective, Gartner specifically noted Ultimus "includes strong simulation, dash-boarding and ABC, and comes with many people-centric features." While from a market perspective, Ultimus' inclusion in the "Honorable Mention" aligns with Ultimus' differing approach to classic BPA. Ultimus' aim with BPA is to provide a simple, easy to use, straight-forward entry level process analysis platform that can be employed by anyone. "BPA can get complex and in-depth very quickly. Process modelling and simulation should be able to be utilized by everyone within a company, even those who do not have business analyst backgrounds" notes Chris Adams, Vice President of Product and Technology.

Ultimus firmly believes that not all processes inside a company may be suitable for process automation with a BPMS, due to a number of reasons (processes are not fully discovered, existing efficient process handling, insufficient resources to invest in process automation, etc.). However, all processes should at least be documented and mapped. If a company first invests in process mappingand documentation, and then is ready to automate the processes, it is important that those same process maps can be utilized in a BPMS ("model what you execute"). As processes continue to change for numerous reasons inside a company, it is highly inefficient to update and maintain two different process maps in differing BPA and BPMS applications.

Keeping BPA simple and to the point that "even my 70 yr. old father-in-law could use Ultimus BPA" (as we recently heard in another Ultimus BPA product review) is where Ultimus adds value back to our customers and partners across the world.


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