Ultimus Solution Starters

Ultimus DPA Solution Starters are functional business process automation solutions that are readily configurable to meet the most demanding enterprise requirements. DPA Solution Starters are free to customers with a valid Ultimus license and support contract.

DPA Solution Starters deliver significant business value because, like all Ultimus Digital Process Automation Suite solutions, they are composed from reusable digital assets according to our domain-driven engineering approach.

  Accelerate time-to-live

  Configureable to the more demanding requirements

  Sophisticated & feature rich

  Works seamlessly with other Ultimus solutions

Invoice Approval Process

Make Ultimus DPA Solutions Starters the foundation of your “solutions factory” - a composable enterprise application architecture for agility, efficiency, and digital transformation.

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AI-powered Invoice Processing & Approval

AI-powered Invoice Processing and Approval seamlessly integrates advanced AI-based data extraction into the invoice approval business process to create a complete, fully configurable automated end-to-end enterprise invoice solution.

Stock Option Grant Management

Stock Option Grant Management automatically generates stock option grant notices and manages the distribution and collection of option-related documents and signed forms.

Automated Email Process Launch

Automated Email Process Launch allows administrators to configure the automatic launch of process instances from incoming emails, the pre-population of forms with extracted data, and the handling of processed emails.

Citizen Inquiry Management

This efficiently automates the fulfillment of citizen information requests, complaints, compliments, and suggestions for cities, towns, government entities, and law enforcement organizations and ensures accurate follow-up and response within pre-determined legal or policy timeframes.

Clinic Visit Scheduling and Management

Clinic Visit Scheduling and Management allows patients to schedule appointments and provides clinics with check-in, visit documentation, generation of prescriptions and instructions, and tracks patient experience satisfaction. Readily adaptable to any customer scheduling and visit scenario.

Expense Reporting and Approval

Expense Reporting and Approval allows business travelers to record multi-currency expenses, attach receipts, and submit requests for reimbursement in the currency of their choice, and manages the approval of the reports and the recording of expenses to accounts, cost centers, and projects.

Travel Authorization

Travel Authorization manages travel request authorizations. Employees submit for approval the purpose and expected expenses for the proposed business travel. Works with Expense Reporting and Approval to ensure only authorized travel is reimbursed.

Vendor Onboarding

Vendor Onboarding manages the process of onboarding new vendors including gathering vendor data, approval of new vendors, and recording of vendor data in ERP systems.

Customer Quote Approval

Customer Quote Approval streamlines the process of obtaining multi-departmental approval of customer offers, estimates, and proposals. It works with Customer Onboarding to create an end-to-end customer lifecycle solution family.

Customer Onboarding

Customer Onboarding manages the onboarding of new customers. This DPA Solution Starter works with Customer Quote Approval to create an end-to-end customer lifecycle solution family.

Quotation Manager

Quotation Manager automates the approval of custom quotations. This solution can be integrated with ERP and production systems to pre-fill standard costing, check for product obsolescence, and obtain special approval for quotes with obsolete parts.

Configuration and Repair Manager

Configuration and Repair Manager is actually two valuable processes. Configuration manages each customer’s product configuration and records serial numbers at the parent and multiple subassembly levels.

Warranty Manager

Warranty Manager allows customers to initiate warranty and non-warranty repair requests. This solution preloads the customer’s latest configuration so that parts and/or subassemblies in need of repair can be selected from a list.

Self-Registration and User Management

The Self-Registration and User Management solution starter is a powerful, process-based application that grants access to the Ultimus DPA Portal and specific Ultimus DPA Suite process solutions, reports, dashboards, etc.

Bulk Incident Launch

Bulk Incident Launch can be used in test as well as production scenarios. In a test scenario, Bulk Incident Launch is useful for load testing – confirming solution performance under high load conditions.

Activity Scheduler

Activity Scheduler allows process owners to set a regular recurring activity for their automated process. It can escalate or terminate a process, set due dates or completion times etc., according to a configurable schedule or frequency.

Solution Bus Log Application

Solution Bus Log Application provides process owners or developers with an intuitive user interface to create records of and analyze on success, on fail, or other events, including solution-specific logging and audit actions.

Services Status Manager

Services Status Manager provides an intuitive UI for monitoring and managing solution-related Windows services that are used in connection with various end-to-end automated business processes.

IT Change Request Management

IT Change Request Management is a powerful DPA Solution Starter that automates the entire IT change request process – from request, to review and estimation, all the way through implementation, testing, and deployment.

Return to Work Authorization

Return to Work Authorization automates the approval of employee return to work requests relating to COVID-19. This solution is used by an employee to attest that they have tested negative, completed quarantine, and/or are symptom free so that they can safely return to work.

Daily Health Attestation

Daily Health Attestation automates the process of employee health self-attestations. Employees are asked to disclose COVID test results and exposures, if any, and report on current and recent COVID-related symptoms.

Work from Home Request

The Work from Home Request ensures visibility and control into the staffing and availability of critical or typically work-based employee positions. Managers and HR can ensure that requests are reasonable and meet security, policy, and compliance requirements.

Device Removal Request

The Device Removal Request DPA Solution Starter provides visibility, control, and traceability of IT and other company assets that are removed when an employee needs to work from home.

Visitor Health Attestation

The Visitor Health Attestation helps ensure that non-employee visitors do not present an exposure risk. Visitors are asked to disclose COVID test results and exposures, if any, and report on current and recent COVID-related symptoms.

COVID Incident Report

Incident reporting is at the heart of any robust workplace pandemic control effort. COVID Incident Report is used by managers to report, manage, and safely resolve employee/workplace COVID-19 exposure incidents.

Employee Performance Review

In its out-of-the-box configuration, Employee Performance Review is a powerful and complete way to automate the employee review process – tailorable to each entity’s unique requirements.

Subordinate Task Management

Subordinate Task Management allows business users to reassign tasks assigned to former employees or employees on an unexpected leave – without IT or process administrator involvement.

Petty Cash Management

This Ultimus DPA Solution Starter takes the hassle out of managing your petty cash. Petty Cash Management automates both petty cash requests and petty cash settlement – quickly and easily.

IT Help Request

This Ultimus DPA Solution Starter automates the IT Help Request process in order to accelerate resolution time, identify potential recurring problems, and provide visibility into IT effectiveness and spend.

Staff Scheduling

Configure business rules for staffing requirements by skill level, license level, projected demand, etc. then drag and drop staff into time days and slots by facility. This is ideal for scheduling nurses but configurable for any industry or scenario.

Accrual Approval and Management

This allows accounting managers to configure a schedule of required accrual calculations that are launched automatically and assigned to the appropriate members of the accounting staff and their managers for review and approval.

DPA Portal Messaging and Notifications

The DPA Portal Messaging and Notifications application allows users to send messages or create notifications for various process participants. Messages and notifications can be sent to individual users, group members, process participants, incident recipients, or user roles.

Vacation/Time Off Request and Approval

Vacation/Time Off Request and Approval allows employees to request time off for vacation, sick leave, family leave, etc. Retrieves allowed time off and time off taken from HR systems or the Ultimus Employee Records Solution Starter to ensure eligibility. Configurable approval, compliance, and policy rules; reminders; and escalations. Graphical team availability overview view ensures appropriate team availability.

Blockchain Two Factor Authentication

Blockchain Two Factor Authentication uses a mobile phone and blockchain technology to verify a user’s identity and activity. When access to a resource is required, or to “e-notarize” a signature, Blockchain 2FA generates a QR Code that verifies a user’s registered mobile device against blockchain anchored data and writes the instance activity data back to the blockchain.

Time Logging and Timesheet Approval

Time Logging and Timesheet Approval lets employees record or charge time spent on activities and projects. Configurable approval levels, policies, rules, notifications, reminders, and escalations. Includes all built-in Ultimus CPS® Standardized Request Service capabilities.

Employee New Hire

Employee New Hire manages the entire new employee position request and approval process. Records details of the new position – titles, salaries, start dates, reporting relationships, prior experience and education, etc. Configurable advanced document handling capabilities, approval process, policies & rules, notifications & reminders, and escalations. Includes all built-in Ultimus CPS® Standardized Request Service capabilities.

Resource Reservation and Scheduling

Resource Reservation and Scheduling lets you schedule and reserve servers, meeting rooms, company assets, etc. Configurable approval processes, policies, notifications, and reminders. Multiple graphical overviews provide visibility into resource availability.

Purchase Request and Approval

Purchase Request and Approval automates and manages the entire purchase request process. Configurable process flow, rules, policies, notifications, and escalations. Built in history documents all process instance activity.