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This library of Ultimus Business Process Automation white papers is designed to help you better understand business process automation in general, and the Ultimus approach and technologies in particular. Take a few moments to read through these to give you a better understanding of what Ultimus does and why.

new-icon.pngStreamline Decentralized Accounting Operations with Workflow Automation

After 30 years of failed attempts and half steps, it’s now possible for accounting leaders to know where work stands and where the bottlenecks are, in order to reduce unnecessary manual effort, phone calls, and meetings; to minimize mistakes and errors, late payments, and PO delays; and to achieve better results.

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Blockchain Digital Business Automation with Ultimus Composed Process Solutions

In this white paper, learn how blockchain solves one of the fundamental problems facing digital business initiatives: secure, transparent, authentic and credible execution of business processes across multiple parties who have no particular trust or familiarity with each other.


An Industrial Approach to Software Development

Combining experience as a BPMS vendor and solutions implementer, Ultimus has identified a high degree of commonality in solution requirements and has replaced the traditional “craftsman approach” to solution development with an “industrial approach”, where software solutions are manufactured automatically in real-time.


A Closer Look at BPM

To capture the BPM opportunity, it is important to take a detailed look at business processes, technology options, and choices that can improve your likelihood of maximizing value from BPM. This paper helps the reader understand the key factors in a successful enterprise BPM deployment.

Adaptive Discovery

This is a BPM white papers that explores a dynamic new approach to business process management, allowing processes to be deployed without complete process maps. Instead, business use and changing conditions drive the creation of rules and exception handling in real time, as the process is being used. To read the full white paper click on the link above.

Adaptive SOA

Over the past few years, Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) has emerged as the leading paradigm for application development for many good reasons. SOA enables the deployment of composite applications adept at handling change in heterogeneous environments prevalent in modern organizations. This white paper touches upon the importance of SOA and composite applications and the reasons for their widespread popularity, but leaves an in-depth discussion to excellent white papers authored by others.

BPM - The "Must Have" Enterprise Solution for the New Century

The next “must have” application for business in the 21 st century is Business Process Management (BPM). BPM solutions enable organizations to improve both the efficiency and the effectiveness of the processes that drive business operations.

Changes, Challenges and Compliance in Hospitals

Half of the $2.2 trillion spent on healthcare in the United States is a waste of money (CNNMoney.com). The same article states that hundreds of billions of dollars can be saved by standardizing procedures and using technology. This white paper outlines Joint Commission and CMS requirements in 2010 and changes on the horizon. It also explains how process automation can help hospitals to comply with regulatory guidelines, monitor ongoing performance, and improve operational efficiencies.

Complementing SAP and Enterprise Applications

When organizations deploy enterprise applications such as SAP NetWeaver with integrated process management capabilities, many in the organization conclude that they do not need any other BPM system. This white paper presents the case that a single enterprise application such as ERP or ECM can not address all process management needs in an enterprise. It introduces the concept of a business process ecosystem and compare it with other ecosystems that people understand from everyday life where interdependent systems coexist and sustain each other.

Excellence in the Energy and Utilities Spaces

With the struggling economy many businesses are finding themselves realigning their priorities, expenditures, and funding to improve their day to day operations to meet new regulations and policies. Energy and Utility companies, specifically, are under increased pressure by the federal government to provide a means for energy independence. Implementing a BPM solution can help companies in the Energy and Utility Sector in several ways.

Health IT: HIT Best Practices for Improving and Restructuring the Healthcare Industry

The white paper outlines how Business Process Management serves as an integral piece of successful Healthcare, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology organizations today. It also outlines how The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) encourages Process Automation initiatives in these areas.

The Myth of Process Improvement

This white paper, developed by Ziff-Davis Market Experts, highlights some of the reasons for the frustrations found in the Forrester report and lays the foundation for the role that BPM can play in changing the way things work.

Your Hospital's Lean Six Sigma Initiative: Why EHR Isn't Enough

The white paper outlines how Lean Thinking and BPM serve as an integral piece of successful healthcare organizations and hospitals today.

Ultimus and Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma emphasizes that speed is directly tied to excellence. Both Lean Six Sigma and Business Process Management (BPM) are tools designed to improve efficiencies, increase effectiveness, and ultimately reduce process related costs by empowering companies to continuously improve their processes. While Lean Six Sigma concentrates on process variances and their effect on final objectives, BPM concentrates on improving process efficiencies by leveraging technological capabilities. Both ultimately strive to reduce costs. This paper describes how the Ultimus Adaptive BPM Suite can help leverage Lean Six Sigma initiatives in organizations, by acting as the delivery or tactical mechanism for Lean Six Sigma.



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