Ultimus Customer Success Stories

Leading companies worldwide trust in Ultimus to deliver solutions and accelerate performance

Ultimus has helped their customers implement thousands of processes across numerous roles, departments, corporations and industries. Here you'll find a few brief overviews of the way Ultimus has helped these companies accelerate their performance in very real, measurable ways.

Boone County Government Automation

New Video Case Study: Boone County Kentucky Streamlines Time Card Submission and Leave Request Processes

Watch how PROceedBPM used Ultimus CPS to quickly automate Boone County’s time card submission and leave requests - replacing costly and time-consuming manual processes with a family of powerful, mobile-ready, intuitive, and connected software applications. Watch case study

Industry: Government

Prince William County Government

New Case Study: Ultimus Composed Process Solutions for Government Human Resources Processes

Discover how a United States County Government automated their Human Resources processes for 4,500+ users with Ultimus Composed Process Solutions, resulting in increased visibility to HR and department managers, and improved customer, employee, and management satisfaction. Read case study

Industry: Government

business process management for insurance

This insurance company shortened the amount of time needed to process an insurance policy by 50%, from four to two working days, at the workload of around 1,400 policies per day.

Industry: Insurance


Bernstein AG builds and sells components used in elevators and escalators, doors and gates. Find out how BPM helped them meet quality management standards (ISO 9001).

Industry: Manufacturing


Celtic Insurance Company has combined a track record of product innovation and financial stability. Learn how Ultimus BPM Software helped give them a 60% performance gain.

Industry: Insurance


Colorado Community College System needed to reduce errors in PTO requests. Find out how they increased productivity and visibility into process execution and eliminated manual processing.

Industry: Education

commonwealth MA

Realizing they needed a BPM solution to increase efficiency within their state government, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts selected Ultimus as their BPM solution provider.

Industry: Government


When Compassion International realized it could support the sponsorship of more children by refining its current processes, it turned to Ultimus for a life-changing solution.

Industry: Non-Profit


With a team of more than 1200 people, Cuatrecasas, a leading legal firm, automated a new employee process that saved them money and valuable time.

Industry: Legal Services


This hospital previously processed 500 leave requests per year manually. Learn how BPM automated this process by eliminating paper forms and routing information electronically.

Industry: Healthcare


This school system was growing rapidly and finding it difficult to coordinate processes across their expanding enterprise. Ultimus standardized their processes and positioned them for growth.

Industry: Education


Harvest Operations Corporation, one of Canada’s largest energy companies, automated accruals with data storage with the ability to accurately estimate future spending.

Industry: Energy


With over 350 employees, Harvest Operations Corporation was in dire need of human resources solutions. Learn how Ultimus BPM Software helped make their HR department more efficient.

Industry: Energy / Natural Resources

helaba bank bpm solution

Helaba is one of Germany’s leading Landesbanks and a premier global financial center.  Find out how Ultimus BPM Software increased their process efficiency by 97%.

Industry: Banking / Financial


If Latvia was the first insurance provider in Latvia to automate its claims handling process, resulting in reduced decision time of insurance claims submitted by car dealers.

Industry: Insurance


Koenig & Bauer Group is one of the largest press manufacturers in the world. Learn how Ultimus reduced their cycle times from weeks to hours allowing quotes to get to customers in only 1 day.

Industry: Manufacturing

la caixa logo

Caixabank, a leading bank in Spain, improved their IT Service Management by cutting the time from request to delivery by up to 80%. They now can react faster to changing business needs.

Industry: Banking

National Bank of Abu Dhabi

Discover how National Bank of Abu Dhabi cut loan turnaround time from 10-12 days to under 2 days by automating their Program Lending products with Ultimus CPS.

Industry: Banking and Finance


Northrop Grumman turned to Ultimus to manage a complex request process involving multiple systems, an approval hierarchy, and compliance requirements.

Industry: Technology

NV Energy logo

NV Energy provides electricity to 2.4 million citizens throughout Nevada. Find out how Ultimus BPM Software helped them ensure government compliance.

Industry: Energy

prince william county

Learn how Ultimus saved the HR department for Prince William County Government, Virginia, a considerable amount of time and money by automating employee reviews.

Industry: Government


Receiving more than 500 calls a day, ProHealth Care's central scheduling call center was in need of a process automation and improvement tool to ensure efficiency and increase productivity.

Industry: Healthcare


Human errors cost time and resources. Find out how Roche, a leading Life Sciences company, corrected these problems and guaranteed IT security.

Industry: Pharma / Manufacturing


SemCAMS, the largest gas processor in Canada, was able to dramatically reduce errors and delayed payments while ensuring Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.

Industry: Energy

banking bpm

SIB implemented Ultimus to enhance agility, flexibility, visibility, and to adopt a culture that fosters and rewards initiatives where employees are engaged in continuous improvement.

Industry: Banking / Financial


Discover how SpectraSite combated large volumes of paperwork that required manual routing resulting in long approval processing time and lack of efficiency.

Industry: Telecommunications


With Ultimus, Turkcell, the leading GSM operator in Turkey, improved competitive advantage in the telecom industry while achieving an annual ROI of 1 Million Euros.

Industry: Telecommunications

zales corp bpm

Learn how Ultimus optimized Zales' systems access request process and provided a “green” alternative while greatly reducing manual activity and processing time for each request.

Industry: Manufacturing

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