Ultimus BPM Solutions by Function

Comply with business regulations, improve the way you hire people, act faster against fraud, achieve error-free accounting, and transform the customer experience.

Ultimus’ business process management software solution provides insight into corporate and departmental business processes providing you with the tools to run a more effective and efficient organization. Automate your business with functional solutions that work across different departments. 

business services management

Ensure your company avoids pitfalls and that IT focuses on priorities such lowering costs, driving revenue, and mitigating risk. Ultimus provides a process backbone to ensure security and verification.

Compliance Automation

Ultimus Adaptive Discovery facilitates the evolution of compliance to meet regulatory requirements. Automate your most pressing issues today within an overall compliance framework.

Customer Relationship Management BPM

Customer Relationship Management systems create the greatest opportunity to drive customer loyalty. Experience proven results and process expertise that can readily apply to your process challenge.

Finance and Accounting Automation Software

Add efficiency and auditability to your financial processes to ensure error-free accounting, financial accuracy, regulations compliance and total control over finances.

Human Resources and Human Capital Management Process Solutions

Streamline your HR processes so departments can capitalize on your company’s true potential while leveraging your most important asset: your employees.

custom BPM solutions

Custom Solution

Every company has their own unique problems. Tell us your challenges and we'll help identify the processes that need improvement and we'll build a full custom solution to fix any issue.

Automate more with less effort at higher quality, reach your goals, and transform your business forever.

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Ultimus' new Composed Process Solutions (CPS) low-code platform is the FIRST real-time delivery
platform for digital process automation.

Describe a business challenge you have or a process you'd like to automate. We'll compose your solution, and then show you a demo of your personalized workflow application on our new low-code development platform.

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