BPM Solutions for Consumer Goods and Manufacturing

Manufacturing automation software

Efficient operational processes are central to the success of all manufacturing companies. Manufacturers continuously face increasing pressures to shorten cycle times, increase production rates, and be more responsive to market needs. Ultimus’ comprehensive BPM Suite answers these needs through innovative process improvement initiatives that allow you to effectively manage and optimize your workflow processes.

BPM Opportunity

By implementing Ultimus, manufacturers have eliminated process inefficiencies and realized the full potential of their workflow processes across all departments in their organization. Some of Business Process Improvement benefits include:

  • Reduced turn-around time for build-to-order processes
  • Better end-to-end visibility into mission-critical processes
  • Reduced latencies in production processes
  • Strengthened relationships with customers and partners
  • Accelerated optimization for six sigma initiatives

Get a Proof of Concept

Whether you’re looking for a strategic business process automation platform or to solve a particular process problem, a Proof of Concept (POC) is the logical first step.