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Maintaining compliance and regulation standards, in addition to the constant initiative to reduce operation costs, makes Business Process Management Software a vital solution for companies in the Energy and Utilities Industry. The Ultimus Adaptive BPM Suite provides value-added benefits over existing enterprise applications such as ERP, delivering a process improvement and optimization solution that connects people and systems across your organization.

BPM Opportunity

Energy, Utility, Oil and Gas companies worldwide have turned to Ultimus for workflow automation and management of end-to-end business processes including operational, financial, administrative, and customer service processes.

Process automation and process optimization with the Ultimus Adaptive BPM Suite has generated significant improvements for customers including:

Leveraging Existing IT Systems

Ultimus extends the value of existing IT systems by automating cross-enterprise processes and passing information in and out of existing systems such as ERP, Financial, and Document Management systems and databases.

Real Time Visibility and Control of KPI's

Ultimus reporting and business activity monitoring provides the transparency that managers demand to best understand how their core processes are performing.

Tighter Compliance

Not only are processes automated in order to provide faster response and lower operating costs, but all processes are documented to provide audit trails necessary for compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley and other regulations.

Improved Agility with Adaptive Discovery

With hundreds of adaptive features built into Ultimus DPA Suite, process adaptation and improvement to meet constantly changing business needs is considerably faster than with applications that require programming. Ultimus’ unique Adaptive Discovery technology is just one of many advanced capabilities that sets Ultimus apart.

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Energy and Utility companies trust in Ultimus to automate their core business processes in a scalable and secure platform. By implementing Ultimus, Energy and Utility companies around the world, such as Petrobras, Progress Energy Trust, SemCAMS, NV Energy, and Legacy Oil & Gas Inc. have automated and optimized key business processes, allowing them to see benefits for their customers, partners, employees, and shareholders.


Harvest Operations Corporation reduces processing time by 90% by automating their operating expense accruals


NV Energy automates their legal discovery and enhances productivity by reducing processing time from 40 hrs to 30 mins a week


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