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Ultimus is one of the most experienced providers of workflow automation solutions and technology to the Government / Public Sector. The Ultimus Digital Process Automation Suite has been used to automate business process software solutions in over 150 government entities – spanning every level of government and every continent.

Ultimus ensures that our government customers realize the enormous benefits of digital business process automation: security, compliance, accountability, process visibility, responsiveness, mobility, and cost efficiency. And our proven, industry-leading enterprise level digital automation technologies achieves these benefits with unmatched speed of delivery, reliability, performance, flexibility, and cost effectiveness.

Ultimus understands that public sector digital transformation efforts are challenged by ever growing demands, increased complexity, and budget realities. The unique capabilities of our Digital Process Automation Suite help you create a seamless, flexible, connected, digital end-to-end experience – quickly, without complexity, and tailored to your exact needs:

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Ultimus Composed Process Solutions®(CPS)

Our game-changing low-code application platform that applies modern product line engineering and automated manufacturing principles to deliver and deploy software with unmatched speed, quality, cost, and business value.

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Ultimus Adaptive BPM Suite

Our patented industry leading BPM engine, providing the widest range of work routing, notification, escalation, follow-up, and optimization options.


Ultimus Advanced Task Service (UATS)

The only process technology available that ensures in-production solution performance, availability, scalability, and end user productivity/usability.

“After automating our processes with the help of the Ultimus BPM Suite, we’ve abandoned paper forms, thus eliminating the problems and potential errors associated with them. As a result, the Ultimus BPM initiative has saved us an enormous amount of time for grant application processing and organizing. Employees are now able to work more efficiently, resulting in faster and more accurate allocation of financial support for research excellence.”

Government / Public Sector processes automated by Ultimus include:

Time Sheet / Leave Requests

Department: Human Resource


Frustrated with the high cost of custom solutions, Boone Country Kentucky uses CPS to quickly automate time card submission and leave requests, streamlining costly, time-consuming, and error prone processes.

Prince William County of Virginia Automates Employee Performance Reviews

Department: Human Resource


Using the Ultimus Adaptive BPM Suite, Prince William County automated its employee review process and it now takes the Human Resources department much less time to approve each review. 

Hiring and Purchase Approvals

Department: Human Resource


The Commonwealth of Massachusetts automates employee onboarding, spending approval, and other processes saving time and reducing costs.

Join the growing list of Public Sector and government agencies that have entrusted Ultimus with their mission-critical process automation. Entities such as Prince William County (Virginia), Boone County (Kentucky), Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor & Social Affairs (Qatar), Agricultural Development Fund (Saudi Arabia), Adams County (Colorado), Saudi Arabia Monetary Agency (Saudia Arabia), Volkswirtschaftdirektion des Kantons (Switzerland), Ministry of Education (Oman), Ministerio de Economia y Finanzas (Panama), and Câmara Municipal de Lisboa (Portugal).


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