Case Management/Customer Support Framework 

The Ultimus Case Management/Customer Support Framework tracks and optimizes the resolution of problems, claims, or other complex, non-linear activities. Configure SLAs; business rules; and task assignment, routing, escalations, and data access - both inside and outside the organization - to meet your unique needs and drive successful outcomes.

Best of all, Case Framework works seamlessly with your Ultimus Digital Process Automation Suite business processes, letting you launch or automatically trigger supporting processes when needed.

Ultimus Solution Frameworks are pre-built, enterprise-grade solutions that speed time to live; reduce software, implementation, and maintenance costs; and reduce risk for common functional or industry use cases.

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Ultimus Solution Frameworks combine the best of packaged applications and business process automation platforms. Developed with the industry leading Ultimus DPA Suite, they incorporate knowledge and best practice from past implementations while also maximizing configurability, extendibility, and seamless interoperability with other business processes and applications. That means no one-off customizations and no application silos – just powerful, end-to-end solutions that get the job done right and in the most efficient way possible.

The Ultimus Case Framework leverages the Ultimus DPA Suite’s visionary composable architecture. Its case structure, supporting workflows, reports, and dashboards are composed from the same reusable digital assets that can be used across the enterprise. With the Ultimus DPA Suite, your entire automation is aligned with the overarching goal of creating a seamless, digitally transformed enterprise.