Invoice Approvals using Artificial Intelligence

The Ultimus Digital Process Automation Suite is the fastest and most cost-effective way to deploy automated Invoice Approval processes that incorporate advanced automation technologies such as Artificial Intelligence.

The Ultimus platform provides out-of-the-box orchestration of technologies such as AI, Natural Language Processing, Decision Management, Blockchain, and RPA, as well as specific best-of-breed cloud-based AI/ML services, so that they have maximum business utility and create an end-to-end solution without expensive OCR training, custom programming, and one-off integrations.

Make digital transformation a practical reality with processes that:

  • Have out-of-the-box orchestration of advanced automation technologies and AI/ML services;
  • meet specific customer business requirements;
  • inherently work as seamless families, instead of point solutions;
  • operate on any device and in any language without additional development effort; and
  • have uniform interfaces that incorporate best UX practices and reduce training.

Watch our Video to see how artificial intelligence and low-code digital process automation can transform your invoice process.

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Solution Frameworks

AI-powered Invoice Processing and Approval Solution Starter Demo

AI-powered Invoice Processing and Approval seamlessly integrates advanced AI-based data extraction into the invoice approval business process to create a complete, fully configurable automated end-to-end enterprise invoice solution.