Ultimus Solution Frameworks

Families of Automated Process Solutions

Ultimus created Ultimus Solution Frameworks to speed solution time to live; reduce software licensing, implementation, and maintenance costs; and reduce risk.

Ultimus Solution Frameworks are families of automated business process solutions, developed by Ultimus using the Ultimus Digital Process Automation Suite, that address a common functional or industry use case. Unlike conventional packaged solutions, Ultimus Solution Frameworks combine the knowledge and best practices from past implementations with our industry leading workflow to ensure maximum configurability, flexibility, extendibility, and process interoperability.

Best of all, Ultimus Solution Frameworks are composed using reusable Composed Process Solutions business objects that can be recomposed into additional automation solutions.

Ultimus Solution Frameworks are backed by our 8-week time to live guarantee. Ultimus guarantees that the solution framework will be delivered production ready for a flat services fee within 8 weeks of project sign off.

Our growing list of Ultimus Solution Frameworks includes:

yellow_building block cubeProfessional Services Automation

               Professional Services Automation Framework manages all aspects of PS projects and ensures that they meet profitability and customer satisfaction targets while streamlining the work that takes the most effort – managing tasks, approvals, and team communication and collaboration.

yellow_book shelfCase Management/Customer Support  Framework

                Case Framework tracks and optimizes the resolution of problems, claims, or other complex, non-linear activities.  Configure SLAs; business rules; and task assignment, routing, escalations, and data access - both inside and outside the organization - to meet your unique needs and drive successful outcomes. 

orange_cash registerPurchase-to-Pay Framework

Purchase-to-Pay is an end-to-end solution that automates the purchase approval, receiving, invoice approval, and payment processes and includes our advanced machine learning invoice data extraction; configurable rules and thresholds for automated straight through processing, human and supervisor approvals, and escalation and exception handling; and comprehensive, actionable reports.

orange_tech money growMonth-End Financial Closing Framework

Month-End Financial Closing coordinates data, documents, tasks, and people across multiple facilities, departments, legal entities, systems, and time zones to insure the accurate and timely closing of the books. Unlike conventional packaged solutions, it's readily configurable to meet each customer’s enterprise-level requirements – without having to choose between living with the application’s limitations or embarking on a course of expensive customizations or being forced to pay for irrelevant or unneeded functionality.

orange_credit card coinsCredit Digitization Framework

Ultimus and BDO have combined digital process automation and financial domain expertise to create the Credit Digitization Framework, a collection of pre-built reusable digital assets and capabilities; solution fragments; and process, report, and dashboard templates that can be composed and recomposed to create a seamless, agile, and fully digitized credit function spanning credit underwriting, credit monitoring, loan administration, and relationship management - a holistic, end-to-end approach that increases revenue, decreases costs, and mitigates credit risk.

orange_math measure toolsConstruction Project Management Framework 

The Construction Management Framework includes the fully functional foundational workflows, reports, and dashboards that project owners need to manage their numerous projects, composed from the same packaged business concepts and reusable digital assets that are used across the enterprise. So construction project management is no longer an island cut off from accounting and finance, the C-level suite, etc., it is aligned with the overarching goal of creating a seamless, digitally transformed enterprise.

orange_phone mail envelopeIntelligent AI-Based Email Routing Framework

The Intelligent Email Routing Framework elegantly and cost-effectively solves one of the most frustrating and yet most common of customer experiences – delayed, canned, inaccurate, or nonexistent responses to customer inquiry and issue emails – and ensures compliance with response time regulations.


orange_linkBlockchain Digital Process Automation Framework

Blockchain Digital Process Automation Framework allows customers to blockchain-enable enterprise applications in a way that is fast, cost effective, usable, and manageable. The Blockchain Framework handles all aspects of attaching and proving process instance data and/or documents used in or generated by the process - the user interfaces, anchor validations, credentials and e-stamping, communications with the anchoring service and blockchain, blockchain history, and match proof validation. This allows users inside or outside the enterprise to prove in the future that a document, contract, loan agreement, regulatory report, etc. is that same as what was presented to the distributed blockchain ledger at a specific prior point in time.

orange_mobile healthcarePoint-of-Care Documentation Framework

Ultimus and metafinanz, one of the largest providers of business and IT consulting to the German market, have partnered to develop and market an electronic point-of-care documentation solution for hospitals and other healthcare providers. The jointly developed “doc.assist” allows healthcare practitioners to document clinical information while delivering patient care, thereby ensuring the complete and accurate capture of required information while maximizing the time they have for patients.


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