Digital Process Automation for Construction Project Management

DPA for Construction Process Management

Governments, skilled nursing and healthcare providers, retailers, and other multi-facility organizations know the challenges of juggling numerous construction projects – obtaining project, budget, contract, and payment approvals; tracking change orders; capturing incentives and rebates; ensuring policy, health, and environmental compliance, to name a few.

And they also know the shortcomings of today’s packaged construction project management applications – expensive, rigid products that don’t meet their unique requirements and are isolated from the other business functions and applications they need to deliver projects on-time, on-scope, and on-budget.

Ultimus, one of the most experienced and proven providers of business process software and solutions, created the Construction Management Framework to give project owners the power, flexibility, and control they need - at a fraction of the cost of dedicated construction project solutions.

And by leveraging the industry leading Ultimus Digital Process Automation Suite, construction processes work seamlessly with other automated business processes and systems to create a true end-to-end solution.

Construction Management and Digital Transformation Aligned

Becoming a digitally transformed enterprise requires a new application and automation strategy. That’s why Ultimus created an entirely new type of digital business automation platform, one designed with the goal of digital transformation in mind.

The Ultimus Digital Process Automation Suite is a “prescriptive low-code” application development platform. According to Forrester Research, “Low-code platforms allow fast app delivery; prescriptive low-code can be even quicker.”[1]. The Ultimus DPA Suite ships with pre-built packaged business concepts and reusable digital assets that are composable and recomposable into families of end-to-end business processes solutions - families that work seamlessly together and are tailorable to each company’s exact needs.

The Ultimus Construction Management Framework leverages this visionary concept.

The Construction Management Framework includes the fully functional foundational workflows, reports, and dashboards that project owners need to manage their numerous projects, composed from the same packaged business concepts and reusable digital assets that are used across the enterprise. Therefore, construction project management is no longer an island cut off from accounting and finance, the C-level suite, etc. - it is aligned with the overarching goal of creating a seamless, digitally transformed enterprise.

Solutions by Function

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Construction Management Framework Solutions

The Construction Management Framework is comprised of seven fully functional, readily configurable automated business processes, together with associated reports and dashboards, that serve as the foundation for even the most demanding construction project owner:

  1. New Project Request
  2. Project Budget Request
  3. Contract Approval and Management
  4. Invoice Payment Approval
  5. Change Order Approval
  6. Contract Closure/Cancellation
  7. Project Closure
Change Order Request

A Custom Solution Without the Custom Price – And More

Ultimus’ workflow-based construction project management solutions include many compelling benefits.

yellow_clock search1. Cost and Time-to-Live

Unlike other low-code software technologies, Ultimus uses the same “industrial” principles that have produced order of magnitude improvements in delivery time, quality, and cost in virtually every other industry.The Ultimus DPA Suite leverages a (1) common, standardized architecture and pre-built, interchangeable, and pre-integrated “parts”; (2) patented, industry-leading BPM engine; and (3) sophisticated portal and UI construct that produces powerful custom-tailored solutions - just by specifying only the customer’s unique business requirements.The result: users of dedicated construction products typically realize a payback of less than one year by switching to Ultimus.

orange_gear lightening bolt2. Flexibility

With the Ultimus Construction Management Framework, customers are no longer forced to choose between time-consuming, expensive customization and adapting their business to rigid and simplistic process flows, forms, and data elements.Ultimus’ process-flow capabilities and flexibility are unmatched in the industry, as is the ease at which forms can be extended to capture customer-specific data elements, business rules, and approval matrices. So it’s never been easier for customers to define approvals based on project cost, type of project, region, etc., or to define rules and conditions that keep projects on-time and on-budget: for example, SMS and email notifications, process escalation rules, exception handling, and absence management.

orange_share3. Seamless Operation

The Construction Management Framework offers seamless operation and data sharing – between construction processes, external systems, and other business processes.The Construction Management Framework’s unified data model creates a “single source of truth”. No more redundant data and data entry errors, invoice payments that exceed contracted maximums, or contracts that exceed project budgets.And with pre-built integrations to and seamless operation with Active Directory, HR systems, general ledger and ERP systems, and document management systems, many business process steps can be fully automated for true end-to-end automation.

orange_cam4. Business Control

In addition to the fundamental advantages of the Ultimus architecture, our platform allows “business user configuration interfaces” to be quickly and easily defined. These interfaces give business users with appropriate rights the ability to configure and reconfigure the key “drivers” of a process or process family – e.g., decision matrices, rules and thresholds, escalations, turnaround times, etc. – without the involvement of technical resources.

orange_responsive5. Intuitive User Interfaces

The Ultimus DPA Suite’s “Standardized Request and User Interface Service” establishes a consistent look and feel for all solutions, automatically adjusts the UI to various mobile device form factors, and utilizes built-in validation, user self-help, and other usability best practices to eliminate end user training, missing and invalid data, and help desk questions.

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