The Ultimus Adaptive BPM Software Suite

Human Centric Approach - Empowering People, Improving Efficiencies

The Ultimus Adaptive Business Process Management (BPM) Suite is a seamlessly integrated Business Process Management Software solution to manage the complete lifecycle of key business processes. With its human centric approach, the Ultimus BPM Suite empowers people in an organization to drive process automation and continuous improvement.

The Ultimus BPM Suite is based on a set of modules, seamlessly integrated to provide a company with the tools to model, automate, manage and optimize their key business processes. Each module in the suite is designed to meet the specific needs of BPM stakeholders in a company including management, process owners and users, IT teams, and business analysts. Ultimus combines its unparalleled Business Process Tools with best practices gleaned through thousands of successful deployments to support a company’s enterprise-wide process improvement strategy and also the needs of daily workflow users.

Following a step-by-step plan, Ultimus accelerates a company’s performance through:

  • Modeling, analysis, and optimization capabilities deployed in easy-to-use graphical interfaces.
  • Reporting and Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) presented through performance dashboards, email, desktop gauges or within process forms.
  • Convenient access to workflow and forms through e-mail, portals, or collaborative clients.

Adaptive and Agile – Continuous ROI for Your Company

When it comes to delivering long term value on enterprise software, applications must be able to adapt in order to avoid costly replacements. Business Process Management technology should be flexible enough to handle exceptions, manage change, and address the evolving requirements of the entire user community. The Ultimus Adaptive BPM Suite is made up of a unique set of technologies that provides the ability to adapt to the workflow changes required by a growing organization. This gives your company the agility to respond easily and swiftly to organizational shifts, competitive threats, innovations in your industry, and governmental mandates.

Specifically, Ultimus adapts to:

  • People - the needs of the people involved in making decisions and driving workflow;
  • Ecosystems - the front-end and back-end systems in your company; and
  • Change - the inevitable changes in roles, responsibilities, policies, procedures, regulatory requirements, and new or modified IT systems.

To support adaptability and quick response time to changes, Ultimus’ BPM Software Suite offers a number of repositories that store process artifacts and data. Flexible user interfaces allow easy access so that these artifacts can be modified, reused, tested and redeployed from one central location. This usable, code-free interface makes it easier and faster to access and deploy changes to the process components.

Supporting the Needs of Your Entire Organization – From Management to Process Users

The Ultimus BPM Suite provides Roundtrip Optimization (RTO) throughout your organization. Each module is designed to fit the special needs of different BPM software stakeholders, including:
  • Executives looking for visibility and control over key business processes.
  • Process owners who want intuitive usability and the ability to collaborate with colleagues. They also need a rich but code-free set of capabilities that allow them to conduct root cause analysis and then design and deploy process improvements as part of a BPM team.
  • IT personnel that need a reliable, scalable, secure platform that supports rapid development, robust administration, and the ability to leverage the existing infrastructure.

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