Ultimus Composed Process Solutions® (CPS)

In today's world, building one-off solutions using development tools like BPM Suites or Low-Code Development platforms — just won’t scale. Ultimus has a better way: Composed Process Solutions®, the FIRST real-time delivery platform for BPM. Get started today and see your workflow application powered by CPS by week’s end. It’s free!

It’s not about coding – It’s about composing. Here's how it works:

After having analyzed the 1,400+ workflow solutions we've implemented over the past 20 years, Ultimus has discovered the key similarities between them using classic engineering principals... and we've now changed the economics of workflow solution implementation. We've replaced the common "craftsmanship" approach used by other BPM and workflow application companies, with an "industrial" approach. This means that instead of reinventing the wheel over and over by coding and developing each process application, we've created a way to automatically generate them by composing.

Our Ultimus Composed Process Solutions® (CPS) platform acts as a solution "factory" – a software application that creates software! It automatically generates customer-specific workflow applications in real-time using a standardized architecture, structure, and design; interchangeable, pre-built digital assets that are "pre-wired" with logic; and proven, error-free capabilities, business rules, and content.

Get a Proof of Concept

Using Application Composition to Realize Strategic Automation

Learn how a central bank enhanced financial stability by migrating the licensing and oversight activities of all financial institutions to a digital format.



Begin with the End in Mind for Strategic Automation Value

This video outlines the pitfalls of many intelligent process automation initiatives, as well as the technologies that can deliver automation faster.


Low-Code Platform User Interface CPS_steps_diagram-_arrow_icon-_black-01 CPS_steps_diagram-_requirements_icon-01 CPS_steps_diagram-_arrow_icon-_black-01 CPS_steps_diagram-_building_blocks_icon-01 CPS_steps_diagram-_arrow_icon-_black-01 CPS_steps_diagram-_compose_icon-01 CPS_steps_diagram-_arrow_icon-_black-01 CPS_steps_diagram-_deliver_icon-01
CPS Platform with standardized architecture   Application adapts to your specific business requirements   Add interchangeable components pre-wired with logic   Compose with proven capabilities and business rules   Workflow solution delivered in real-time

Standardized, reusable workflow applications — without writing code.

Task management portal

Intuitive User Experience

The unified solution platform has a standardized architecture that reduces training. Users can interact with the workflows they have built, configure custom views, and manage forms, reports and dashboards all in one place.

Built-in Cross Solution Compatibility

All process solutions will work together without interference and allow for automatic deployment of changes without re-compiling, stopping, and restarting servers.

Seamless Integration with Existing Systems

Ultimus' Composed Process Solutions® have bi-directional integration and can be configured to run with any existing systems you already have.

Responsive, Compatible and Multilingual

Use with a PC, Mac, tablet or mobile device on any HTML5 and CSS3 supported browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari) in any language.

Stop developing and start delivering.

Dashboards and Reports with Business Intelligence

Visualize data with predefined or custom reports based on business needs to track progress of tasks or workflows. Data provided by Ultimus Data Warehouse is visualized with any 3rd party BI Tool, e.g. Microsoft Power BI.

Agile and Reliable

Composed Process Solutions® offer impressive speed with fast market response to changing conditions and regulations, with reliable solution performance at scale.

Automated Workflow Engine

The workflow engine manages the whole workflow. Changes can easily be made to process parameters and requirements without IT involvement, and the CPS architecture allows for automatic upgrades.

Collaboration and Roles

Users can initiate workflow processes or work on ones that were assigned to them. Users engage with tasks and approvals, and process managers can analyze, identify bottlenecks and optimize the processes, and the status of the process is always transparent.

Composed Process Solutions® Videos – Featuring Industry & Research Experts

Learn about the most significant changes in the newly released Ultimus Digital Process Automation Suite 2021. Ultimus has been hard at work developing newly enhanced tools, features and functionalities to help you better manage, automate, and optimize your business processes.

Ultimus and leading blockchain industry experts discuss and demonstrate how BPM and blockchain technologies combine to solve fundamental problems facing digital business initiatives in banking, healthcare, law, medical technology, government, compliance, and more. 

Ultimus introduces Composed Process Solutions® (CPS), a new “industrial approach” to low-code development. Ultimus CPS generates software from business requirements for improvements in application delivery time, quality, cost, and business value.

Ultimus outlines the pitfalls of many intelligent process automation initiatives, as well as the thinking and technologies that can deliver automation faster and better - and avoid explosions in complexity, technical debt, and total cost of ownership.