Ultimus BPM Studio

Ultimus Adaptive BPM Suite – Ultimus BPM Studio

Ultimus BPM Studio is a collaborative Integrated Development Environment (IDE) used to design, model, develop, simulate, and test every business process. Ultimus BPM Studio includes a client application, and a server that manages security and collaboration.

Importantly, Ultimus BPM Studio changes the way teams work on business processes. In the past, the parties involved in BPM development (process analysts, owners, designers, and developers) all worked independently using their own tools. Collaboration occurred off-line in conference rooms and through e-mail. With Ultimus BPM Studio, these parties now have a unified environment that supports multiple editing tools (e.g. Ultimus Form Designer, Ultimus Rules Editor) appropriate to the user role, providing a shared repository that improves process integrity, and enables on-line collaboration (e.g. multiple users working on different parts of the same process through the new Ultimus Inlets capability). This results in more efficient and effective process teams and reduces total cost of ownership.

Ultimus BPM Studio supports collaborative design and deployment, whereby multiple users are able to work on processes at the same time by connecting to a central process repository.

These are the main capabilities of Ultimus BPM Studio:

  • Collaboratively design processes
  • Check-in/check out objects
  • Model and automate processes
  • Define business logic
  • Make electronic forms
  • Link forms to databases
  • Create reusable components
  • Segment processes through inlets
  • Design-time simulation for testing
  • Leverage external editors
  • Process documentation
  • Publish/deploy processes

Ultimus BPM Database

Ultimus BPM Database is an essential part of the Ultimus Business Process Management environment and contains the process and business level data that is critical for the BPM environment. This data is used to:

  • Execute process steps
  • Populate forms with relevant data
  • Route workflow
  • Send notifications or escalations
  • Trigger business activity monitoring
  • Generate reports
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