Organization Charts

Ultimus Digital Process Automation Suite’s Organization Charts module is one of the most powerful concepts in business process automation. 

Ultimus created the Organization Charts concept so that the relationships between process participants could be defined and used throughout the Ultimus Digital Process Automation Suite in multiple, highly flexible, and dynamic ways to meet the full variety of business needs and objectives.

At its most basic level, Organization Charts integrates tightly with an organization’s Active Directory or LDAP directory and extends them with capabilities needed for modern digital businesses. Ultimus can automatically reference the attributes defined in these services so that changes are reflected immediately for proper task routing and other purposes, without redundancy, administrative effort, or impacting the directory.

Real-world situations; however, often require that process participant relationships are defined in multiple and/or dynamic ways based on business need or context. Because Active Directory and LDAP alone do not satisfy these business requirements, Ultimus created the most advanced and flexible way to define task recipients and roles and to ensure business agility, effectiveness, and efficiency. 

Ultimus DPA Suite Organization Charts allows process designers to graphically create business charts, define job functions, establish user groups, and create dynamic, incident data-dependent rules for task assignment, including the ability have different types of organization objects assigned to process steps.

Extensive group definition flexibility lets you organize process activity any way you want: by title, skills, department, project, office location, region, job function, job function relationship, individual, or any criterion you need.  As people move around or new business needs arise, Organization Charts simplifies process administration and maximizes business agility.

Ultimus DPA Suite Organization Charts also provides the most advanced intra-group task routing capabilities including Queue, Weighted-round robin, Voting, First available, and many others.

Ultimus Organization Chart

Group definition flexibility: Organization Chart group “Service” is defined as group “US” and “Project A” members. Project A group is defined as four individual users and group US is defined as “Project B” and “New York Employees”. (Click to enlarge screenshot)

Ultimus Organization Chart

Rule-based recipient example:  If a step is delayed, the task is escalated to various appropriate users. (Click to enlarge screenshot)


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