Ultimus Flobots® and FloStations

Ultimus Flobots®, a term for “Workflow Robots”, are rapid integration agents that automate human activities; eliminate repetitive, error-prone tasks; simplify integrations; improve efficiency; and reduce costs.

With Flobots® fast and intuitive point-and-click “training”, our customers can reduce the cost and complexity of developing optimized, end-to-end automated business process solutions - without the need to write code or separately license RPA “bots”.

Flobots®, first introduced by Ultimus in 2001, are regularly extended and enhanced to leverage the rapid expansion of intelligent automation innovations and to remain on the cutting edge of digital process automation.

Flobots® are commonly used to:

  • Automate the production of reports, documents, letters, and faxes;
  • Launch and integrate Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning services such as invoice extraction, expense auditing, and keyword and sentiment analysis, etc.;
  • Facilitate the training and run-time use of custom Machine Learning models;
  • Define rules and automate business process decisions;
  • Automatically insert or extract data from spreadsheets and documents;
  • Automatically call managed code to perform calculations, invoke executables, objects, DLL’s, or interface with legacy systems;
  • Create automated steps that invoke 3rd party applications such as RPA tools;
  • Automatically launch tasks, populate forms, and attach documents based on incoming emails, SMS messages, social media posts, or actions in ERP and CRM systems;
  • Extract data from web pages for use in business processes; and
  • Automatically generate emails, SMS messages, or other notifications.

Ultimus RPA flobots


Process with automated database, machine learning services, and email Flobot® steps:


Training a Flobot® to use an AI-based data extraction service:Flobot RPA Trainer


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