UATS/WebClient Training & Certification

WebClient Introduction

Ultimus WebClient is an end user environment designed and developed to allow users to easily interact with their process tasks. Involving no complex configurations, Ultimus WebClient uses the latest web technologies so process participants can interact with business tasks from any HTML5 browser, with a customizable and superior user experience.

Ultimus WebClient:

  • Functions from most Internet-connected devices and on any HTML5 web browser
  • Was developed with the latest high-performance web technologies (HTML5, CCS3, jQuery, and JSON)
  • Operates quickly, even in high-volume environments
  • Runs from single or multiple Ultimus BPM Servers so you can interact with tasks from multiple locations across the globe

Ultimus Advanced Task Service (UATS) Introduction

Ultimus Advanced Task Service (UATS), a new module outside the traditional Ultimus Adaptive BPM Suite, is a service layer between one or more Ultimus BPM Servers and Ultimus WebClient, that efficiently transfers the retrieved business process data to client devices.

Ultimus Advanced Task Service:

  • Retrieves, caches, and intelligently streams data to Ultimus WebClient
  • Makes it possible to include additional external data from third-party systems
  • Supports Network Load Balancing (NLB) for BPM, UATS and WebClient
  • Is available with different licensing options, ranging from a basic license, up to full enterprise licenses with separate pricing and AMP

Training Profile


  • Administrators & IT for UATS and WebClient
  • Business Users for WebClient

Duration: 1 Day


UATS Training:

  • UATS Architectural environment overview
  • Deployment and operation methodology
    • Confirmation of prerequisites
    • Establishment of prerequisites
    • Installation
    • Services
    • UATS configuration (Part 1)
    • System confirmation
    • UATS configuration (Part 2)
  • Problem resolution

Ultimus WebClient Training:

  • WebClient Views
  • Applications
  • Settings
  • Task forwarding feature
  • Folders management
  • Process Map and step names Localization using i18


  • Firm grasp and experience with Windows, and database servers. 
  • Appropriate skills in Windows and database administration and in the support of enterprise-level platform installations 
  • Expert understanding and ability to analyze complex IT systems and resolve issues
  • Familiarity with Ultimus BPM Suite and other enterprise systems


  • Install and configure UATS and WebClient
  • Manage BPM servers on UATS
  • Manage Users, groups, departments on UATS
  • Provisions roles and access rights 
  • Manage WebClient views and templates
  • Create and manage application
  • Work with WebClient
  • Localization for Process maps and step names
  • Troubleshooting and support

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