UATS Training & Certification

Technology Introduction

Ultimus Advanced Task Service (UATS)

UATS is a unique service layer that ensures the scalability, performance, and availability of solutions and applications by (1) off-loading data caching and task distribution operations from BPM engines and (2) synchronizing these operations in multi-server and network load balanced environments.

Ultimus Advanced Task Service:

  • Reduces the computing load on Ultimus BPM servers to ensure scalable process performance and lightning fast end user response times;
  • Supports multiple and/or network load balanced (NLB) Ultimus BPM servers to ensure availability and reliability of mission-critical processes or to isolate data-sensitive processes;
  • Works seamlessly with Ultimus DPA Portal to provide a unified, consolidated portal end user experience that hides the complexity of the underlying enterprise server infrastructure; and
  • Makes it possible to define data synchronization policies with third-party applications and incorporate them into process solutions and reports.

Ultimus DPA Portal

Ultimus DPA Portal is a unified browser-based “portal” that is tightly integrated with forms, dashboards and reports, and administrative and business control interfaces to create an intuitive, high productivity workspace for all process participants and all process interactions.

Ultimus DPA Portal:

  • Employs user experience best practices so that the right information is easily accessible and users are productive;
  • Allows administrators to define group and/or individual end user-specific access to all digital process resources – from processes to dashboards, reports, and 360-degree data views to administrative, DevOps, and business user control applications;
  • Allows administrators to define rules for task reassignment in the event of absences or other exceptions as well as to define end-user portal configurability options;
  • Provides user-configurable language settings so that geographically dispersed process participants can work in the language of their choice; and
  • Incorporates sophisticated responsive design and device detection capabilities so that full functionality and maximized usability are maintained across all device screen sizes and orientations.

Training Profile


  • Administrators & IT for UATS and DPA Portal
  • Business Users for DPA Portal

Duration: 1 Day


  • Firm grasp and experience with Windows, and database servers. 
  • Appropriate skills in Windows and database administration and in the support of enterprise-level platform installations 
  • Expert understanding and ability to analyze complex IT systems and resolve issues
  • Familiarity with Ultimus BPM Suite and other enterprise systems

Performance Outcomes:

  • Install and configure UATS and DPA Portal
  • Manage BPM servers on UATS
  • Manage Users, groups, departments on UATS
  • Provisions roles and access rights 
  • Manage DPA Portal views and templates
  • Create and manage application
  • Work with DPA Portal
  • Localization for Process maps and step names
  • Troubleshooting and support

Training Agenda

UATS Training:

  • UATS Architectural environment overview
  • Deployment and operation methodology
    • Confirmation of prerequisites
    • Establishment of prerequisites
    • Installation
    • Services
    • UATS configuration (Part 1)
    • System confirmation
    • UATS configuration (Part 2)
  • Problem resolution

Ultimus DPA Portal Training:

  • DPA Portal Views
  • Applications
  • Settings
  • Task forwarding feature
  • Folders management
  • Process Map and step names Localization using i18

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