Ultimus Partner Program 

Partner with Ultimus – become a disruptor in solution implementation services.

The Ultimus Digital Process Automation Suite is an entirely new concept in business process automation, one that enables a disruptive new business model for BPM solution implementers.

The Ultimus DPA Suite, called “one of the most comprehensive and well-thought-through digital process management systems on the market”, is the only low-code platform based on a fully compositional architecture. It lets service providers create and assemble customer, industry, and use case specific digital assets - discrete business and technical capabilities, integrations, and automated tasks – into powerful, secure, end-to-end enterprise solutions.

Ultimus Partners fundamentally change the economics of professional services by replacing the one-off, build from scratch “craftsman” approach with a “software factory” approach that provides order of magnitude improvements in delivery time, profitability, and quality as well as client satisfaction and value.


What are the Benefits of Partnering with Ultimus?

Partnering with Ultimus provides a number of great benefits including:




Partners can put their domain and delivery expertise into the form of reusable digital assets, rather than scarce and expensive human assets.

Revenue growth


Compositional delivery will be your competitive differentiator for winning business. And reuse lowers implementation costs for your customers, so previously unaffordable projects are no longer budget breakers.

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In addition to increasing your win rate and the number of projects per customer, each project is more profitable because it requires less expensive talent, there’s higher quality and supportability, and reduced complexity.

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Higher quality projects mean higher customer satisfaction and, as Partners build their portfolio of Ultimus digital assets, they create a barrier to entry that is virtually impossible for competitors to overcome. And by enabling pervasive automation and customer agility, you become an indispensable strategic vendor.

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Unmatched Support
and Resources

Ultimus is committed to our Partners’ success because when you succeed, we succeed. So we provide more than just great technology, we ensure your success with comprehensive training, sales assistance, technical resources, and ongoing mentoring that ensures alignment with our technology roadmap. And in most cases, we do that in your time zone and language.

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Ultimus provides a range of programs that enable our Partners to choose the right level of participation for their business model – from referral and cooperative marketing partners all the way up to our elite Ultimus DPA Suite Premium Partner Program.


Become an Ultimus Partner

Let us know if you're interested in becoming an Ultimus Partner, or if you would like to learn more about our unique composition approach and the success our Ultimus Partners have enjoyed.