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Ultimus Composed Process Solutions

In today's world, building one-off solutions using development tools like BPM Suites or Low-Code Development platforms — just won’t scale.

Ultimus has a better way: Composed Process Solutions, the FIRST real-time DELIVERY platform for BPM.

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Ultimus Adaptive BPM Suite 2017

Ultimus 2017 contains numerous improvements and feature enhancements which greatly improve cloud usage, solution creation and system integration capabilities including IaaS support for Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, and IBM Cloud, allowing customers and partners to create Ultimus based PaaS and SaaS solutions.

Ultimus 2017 has no technological or architectural breaks with Ultimus 2014 or Ultimus 2016; therefore, there is no need for process or database migrations when upgrading.

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Ultimus Advanced Task Service (UATS) with Ultimus WebClient 2017

The latest version, Ultimus WebClient/UATS 2017:

  • Fully localized solutions, including localized process and step names, and localized graphical and textual process statuses
  • Greatly improved usability on mobile devices
  • Rule-based organization of Initiation Tasks in folders allowing a structured, folder based representation, in addition to the standard all-in-one overview
  • Built-in support for key Composed Process Solutions (CPS) capabilities including CPS Standardized Request & UI Service and CPS Solution Bus
  • New localization administration interface
  • Optimized synchronization between Ultimus BPM Servers and UATS for heavy load environments and multi-BPM server architecture
  • Support for new technologies such as Microsoft SQL Server 2016 and Oracle 12c
  • Additional performance enhancements, features, and fixes

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