About Ultimus Inc.

We provide technology, services, and support that makes our customers more efficient, more effective, and more successful.
Since pioneering the Business Process Management Suite concept over 25 years ago, Ultimus has become the leader in “Strategic Business Automation”.

We know that a collection of ad hoc, uncoordinated islands of automation doesn’t create real business value – it just adds cost, complexity, and poor process hand offs that frustrate employees and customers alike.

We’ve set our sights higher – on automation that is pervasive, seamless, and aligned for lasting strategic advantage.

The Ultimus Digital Process Automation Suite is the only low-code platform architected for where we know our customers want to go: true digital transformation. And our global presence and world class service and support and will ensure you get there.

Why Ultimus?

Technology Leadership: Over the years, we’ve listened to our customers and looked ahead. The result is a comprehensive low-code digital process automation platform capable of addressing low-code; process, case, and task scenarios; integration; and production requirements. A platform architected for reuse, manageability, time-to-delivery, and agility. A platform unmatched in its ability to meet sophisticated, real world customer requirements – without custom programming.

Experience and Expertise: Ultimus has automated more mission-critical and customer facing processes in more industries, functions, and countries than any other automation vendor. With offices around the world, we can provide responsive service or your terms.

Customer Satisfaction: We are proud of our successful, referenceable global customer base. Over 95% of customers continue to work with Ultimus after 5 years and over 80% continue to work with Ultimus after 8 years. Customers give Ultimus 4.9 out of 5.0 stars on one of the most rigorously vetted IT peer review platforms.

Vision: No business process exists in isolation. Each process is part of an ecosystem of interdependent processes and applications that collectively determine an organization’s cost structure, agility, and customer satisfaction. Fulfilling the promise of business process automation means automating an entire business, rather than an individual process. It means seamless process interoperability and seamless orchestration of complementary automation technologies. It means extending business processes beyond the organization so that customers, suppliers, and partners share the benefits of automation. That’s what the Ultimus DPA Suite was designed for.

Cost of Ownership: Ultimus technology and services allow customers to realize their automation goals at the lowest cost of ownership:

  • The Ultimus DPA Suite’s massive and multi-level reuse, built-in capabilities, and free DPA Solution Starters reduce development time, cost, and complexity.
  • Ultimus’ intuitive domain specific language paradigm provides virtually unlimited expressive power, without the expensive custom coding required to overcome the limits of graphical tools.
  • Our simple, inclusive licensing models avoid hidden and unexpected costs.
  • Built-in best practice, governance, and consistency reduces training costs and allows customers to safely leverage and harness the process knowledge of non-professional developers.

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Ultimus Leadership

The Ultimus Executive team is made up of a proven, successful group that has been instrumental in their past organizations. Together this team offers unmatched technology experience in the BPM sector. To see Ultimus' leadership positions, please visit the Leadership page.