BPM Suite Training & Certification

Ultimus Adaptive BPM Suite Introduction

The Ultimus Adaptive Business Process Management (BPM) Suite is a seamlessly integrated Business Process Management Software solution to manage the complete lifecycle of key business processes. With its human centric approach, the Ultimus BPM Suite empowers people in an organization to drive process automation and continuous improvement.

The Ultimus BPM Suite is based on a set of modules, seamlessly integrated to provide a company with the tools to model, automate, manage and optimize their key business processes. Each module in the suite is designed to meet the specific needs of BPM stakeholders in a company including management, process owners and users, IT teams, and business analysts. Ultimus combines its unparalleled Business Process Tools with best practices gleaned through thousands of successful deployments to support a company’s enterprise-wide process improvement strategy and also the needs of daily workflow users.

Following a step-by-step plan, Ultimus accelerates a company’s performance through:

orange_search computer

Modeling, analysis, and optimization capabilities deployed in easy-to-use graphical interfaces.

orange_global connection

Convenient access to workflow and forms through e-mail, portals, or collaborative clients.

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Reporting and Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) presented through performance dashboards, email, desktop gauges or within forms.

Training Profile

Participants: Ultimus BPM Developer and Designers

Duration: 3 Days


  • Knowledge with asp.net, C#, JavaScript is required
  • Experience with Windows, and database servers.
  • Good understanding and ability to analyze complex IT systems and resolve issues 

Performance Outcomes:

  • Create a business chart for use by an Ultimus process map 
  • Add a Job Function Job and Sub Chart into Org Chart
  • Create a Groups 
  • Create a simple business process 
  • Add steps into the process map 
  • Link the steps in the process map 
  • Create a new Ultimus Form 
  • Link XML schema elements to a form control 
  • Define step and process properties 
  • Define rules events for steps 
  • Train a FlobotTM 
  • Test the Ultimus Process 
  • Publish the business process 
  • Monitor and manage processes from Ultimus process administrator
  • Ability to integrate with Ultimus Adaptive using EIK/Client services
  • Configure Ultimus Environment

Training Description

Training Day 1:

  • Introduction to Ultimus Adaptive BPM Suite
  • Ultimus Architecture and Modules
  • Ultimus BPM Studio-Map Design and Understanding XML schema element
  • Ultimus Organization Chart
  • Step and Process Properties
  • Ultimus Forms

Training Day 2:

  • Ultimus FlobotsTM & Flostation
  • Ultimus Business Rules
  • Process Publishing and Testing
  • Ultimus Process administration
  • Ultimus EIK:
    • Introduction to Ultimus EIK
    • Create Custom asp.net forms and integrate with Ultimus Process
    • Lunch New Ultimus Incident from Third Party application using Ultimus EIK
    • Ultimus Client Services

Training Day 3:

  • Training Workshop:
    • Team will create new Process map by themself
    • Use Ultimus Form & Custom Forms
    • Define Different FlobotsTM into process map
    • Publish and test the process from WebClient
  • Ultimus System Administration
  • Ultimus Report overview