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    Show me the proof!

    Blockchain anchoring provides ‘proofs of existence’ which can be used by participants in business processes that cross enterprise boundaries when output data (e.g. decisions, documents, or even whole databases) needs to be verified against its representation in a state recorded at a previous point in time, to prove authenticity.

    There are many of emerging use cases for blockchain in enterprise settings. MWD Advisors is tracking a number of ‘blockchain for business’ proof-of concept initiatives, with much of the action centering around the simplification of cross-border payments, smart contract automation (with business rules executing on-chain autonomous applications), and blockchain-enabled digital identities facilitating borderless access to information and services (to name but three).

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    Process Automation ― Think Outside the Box

    Often times I find that many people approach business process management and process automation with a closed mind. They simply fail to see the possibilities that are attainable with process automation. For example, just the other day I was speaking with a friend about work and the subject got turned to contract management. He perked up when I told him that process automation software is a valuable tool for contract management processes. As we talked more in detail, it was like it suddenly clicked. Processes; anything with a series of steps, anything that requires the transfer of information and/or work, or anything that involves multiple users or systems, is a prime candidate for improvement and automation.

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