Ultimus BPM Enterprise Solutions

Full Enterprise Ready Solutions – Codeless and Painless

Organizations of all shapes and sizes benefit from the solutions developed by Ultimus. Whether it be a solution by industry, core discipline, or corporate challenge, Ultimus takes accountability in delivering the best-in-class solutions for business optimization.

Industry Solutions

Ultimus has successfully automated thousands of different process solutions in nearly every major industry, which is more than any other business process management company worldwide.

From low code banking, to healthcare, to insurance, to manufacturing, and many more, Ultimus provides the perfect solution to meets your industry's standards and will equip you with the right tools that will allow your company to adapt and thrive in changing markets.

Functional Solutions

Ultimus’ business process management software solution provides insight into corporate and departmental business processes providing you with the tools to run a more effective and efficient organization.

Automate your business with functional solutions that work across different departments. Comply with business regulations, improve the way you hire people, act faster against fraud, achieve error-free accounting and transform the customer experience.

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  • Automate more with less effort at higher quality
  • Experience a fast time-to-live implementation
  • Easily change, manage and optimize business operations
  • Seamlessly connect people, processes and technology systems
  • Reduce costs for your company and reach your business goals
  • Comply with industry regulations and standards
  • No building from scratch or hand coding
  • Gain control of your business processes and eliminate bottlenecks

Leading companies worldwide trust in Ultimus to deliver solutions and accelerate performance.

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Test Drive our Citizen Inquiry application to see how school departments, police departments, and regulatory bodies efficiently automate the fulfillment of citizen information requests, complaints, compliments, and suggestions.

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