Ultimus WebClient and
Ultimus Advanced Task Service

Introducing Ultimus' Newest Innovative Technology...

Ultimus WebClient

Ultimus has designed and developed an end user environment to interact with process tasks. Ultimus WebClient uses the latest web technologies to allow process participants to interact with their business tasks from any HTML5 browser, while delivering a customizable and superior user experience.

Ultimus WebClient has the following attributes and capabilities:

  • Functions from most Internet-connected devices and on any HTML5 web browser
  • Developed with the latest high-performance web technologies (HTML5, CCS3, jQuery, and JSON)
  • Operates quickly, even in high-volume environments
  • Runs from single or multiple Ultimus BPM Servers so you can interact with tasks from multiple locations across the globe

Ultimus Advanced Task Service

Ultimus Advanced Task Service (UATS), a new module outside the traditional Ultimus Adaptive BPM Suite, is a service layer between one or more Ultimus BPM Servers and Ultimus WebClient. Ultimus Advanced Task Service retrieves, caches, and intelligently streams data to Ultimus WebClient. Ultimus WebClient is the presentation layer which efficiently transfers the retrieved business process data to client devices. Using Ultimus Advanced Task Service, it is also possible to include additional external data from third-party systems. UATS is available with different licensing options, ranging from a basic license, which is part of the Ultimus 8 AMP, up to full enterprise licenses with separate pricing and AMP.

Customers deploying Ultimus WebClient and the Ultimus Advanced Task Service will benefit from:

  • Unprecedented speed: The Ultimus Advanced Task Service intelligently aggregates data from Ultimus BPM servers and other sources, then transfers data efficiently to client devices. End users experience short response times when displaying, sorting, and filtering tasks, and while performing operations.
  • Flexible device and web browser support: Ultimus WebClient is designed to run on modern web browsers and Internet-connected devices. The Ultimus WebClient is also able to work on mobile devices, such as Tablet PC’s or Apple iPad.
  • No client prerequisites: Ultimus WebClient does not require any installation on local client devices and runs without any prerequisites like Adobe Flash or Microsoft Silverlight. This eases deployment on end-user client devices and provides maximum flexibility when designing solutions. Please consider that forms may have prerequisites.
  • Contemporary and customizable user experience: Ultimus WebClient has a modern design and contemporary user experience, such as dragging-and dropping process incidents, over-scroll bounce, easy customization, and fast localization.
  • Role-based user management: Access rights are granted based on role membership and can be centrally administered. This state-of-the-art approach simplifies user management and enables a tight security concept.
  • Advanced use cases: Ultimus Advanced Task Service architecture allows for use cases that reduce cost, increase security, and optimize IT infrastructure.
    • Aggregating and streaming data intelligently: Ultimus Advanced Task Service aggregates data from Ultimus BPM Server(s) and external sources, then efficiently passes data to end-user devices. This proves valuable for deployments that include mobile devices, massive task lists, multiple sources, or BPO integration.
    • Separating production environments: Ultimus Advanced Task Service is able to collect tasks from different Ultimus BPM Servers and displays them in a single ”unified inbox”, allowing companies to separate production environments. Companies considering mission critical and high security deployments, as well as maintenance, split organization, or migration usage scenarios will value the task service architecture.

Ultimus WebClient and Ultimus Advanced Task Service 3.0