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Ultimus' award winning business process management software is designed to realign your business process for optimal performance with a flexible yet reliable framework that expands as you grow. Our mission is to fully equip your business with a workflow and business process improvement strategy customized to suit your unique needs and objectives, no matter how complex.

Business Process Modeling

Our Ultimus Composed Process Solutions (CPS) platform acts as a solution "factory" all in one user interface. It builds your workflow process using your specific requirements and a standardized architecture, interchangeable building blocks "pre-wired" with logic, and proven, error-free capabilities and business rules, to automatically generate your custom workflow applications in real-time.

Ultimus Composed Process Solutions

Seamless Integration with Existing Systems

Ultimus' Composed Process Solutions have bi-directional integration and can be configured to run with any existing systems you already have.

Built-in Cross Solution Compatibility

All process solutions will work together without interference and allow for automatic deployment of changes without re-compiling, stopping, and restarting servers.

Intuitive User Experience

The unified solution platform has a standardized architecture that reduces training. Users can interact with the workflows they have built, configure custom views, and manage forms, reports and dashboards all in one place.

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Ultimus business process management software suite
Ultimus' out of the box, integrated Business Process Management solution suite gives you control over the complete process lifecycle. Each module of the Ultimus Adaptive BPM Suite is designed to meet the specific needs of each of your company's key functional roles, allowing painless collaboration between Executives, Directors and IT Teams.

Ultimus Adaptive BPM Software Suite

Complete Automation

Completely automate business processes and your daily monotonous activities to grow business, increase profits, control risk, and maximize operational efficiency.

Visibility and Control in Real-time

Analyze your workflow management system and the efficiency of your processes with real-time reporting and business activity monitoring, through performance dashboards, desktop gauges or within process forms.

Innate Collaboration

Ultimus is designed to meet the specific needs of job roles in a company, allowing for painless collaboration between executives, process users, administrators and IT teams.

Lifecycle Process Management

The Ultimus Adaptive BPM Suite is seamlessly integrated to manage the complete lifecycle of your key processes and business activities. Manage your processes with tools to evaluate effectiveness and increase productivity.

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Automate more with less effort at higher quality, reach your goals, and transform your business forever.

Ultimus WebClient and Ultimus Advanced Task Service (UATS)

Unprecedented speed

The Ultimus Advanced Task Service streams data from Ultimus BPM servers and transfers it efficiently to client devices. End users experience short response times while performing operations.

Flexible device and web browser support

Ultimus WebClient is designed to run on modern web browsers and Internet-connected devices. It is also compatible with mobile devices, such as tablet PC’s or the Apple iPad.

No client prerequisites

Ultimus WebClient does not require any installation on local client devices and runs without any prerequisites. This eases deployment on end user client devices and provides maximum flexibility when designing solutions

Role-based user management

Access rights are granted based on role membership and can be centrally administered. This state-of-the-art approach simplifies user management and enables a tight security concept.

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webclient 2016 bpm
Ultimus WebClient is an innovative end user interface environment that provides a BPMS, device, and browser-independent Unified Inbox upon which to create enterprise class, mobile, and cloud enabled solutions.