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Ultimus DPA Suite 2021 is Here!

Ultimus DPA Suite 2021 includes expanded AI/ML capabilities, simplified end-to-end automation, comprehensive security and tools for business owner control.

Ultimus, Inc. announces the latest release of its industry leading low-code application platform, the Ultimus Digital Process Automation Suite 2021.

This new Ultimus version makes the goal of pervasive, seamless, end-to-end automation a reality with expanded AI/ML capabilities, faster solution composition, simplified end-to-end automation, improved user experience, comprehensive security, and tools for business owner control.

Ultimus Digital Process Automation Suite 2021 (“Ultimus DPA Suite 2021” or “Ultimus 2021”) unites the three principal Ultimus product modules – Composed Process Solutions, Ultimus Adaptive BPM Suite, and Ultimus Advanced Task Service/WebClient (now “Ultimus DPA Portal”) – into a seamless and cohesive digital process automation platform that creates significant value for all process participants - from business owners to internal and external end users, developers, business analysts, and administrators.

Faster Speed of Development

Ultimus’ “prescriptive” low-code application development environment is a “software factory” that generates highly sophisticated, tailor-made software applications with exceptional speed, consistency, and quality.

Ultimus 2021 takes speed of delivery to the next level with:

  • Faster Composer performance and new Composer functionality to improve productivity and simplify reuse
  • New composable digital assets, packaged business concepts, complex controls, and integration adapters
  • New visual composition tools that enhance business/developer collaboration
  • Ultimus DPA Solutions Starters - functional process automation solutions readily configurable to meet the most demanding enterprise requirements.

Enhanced Business User Control of Solutions

Let’s face it, business owners don’t want to become developers, but they do want to adjust the drivers of their business – quickly, intuitively, and safely – without IT. Ultimus 2021 puts even more control into the hands of business with prebuilt, extendable CPS-based applications that:

  • Manage business rules, approval matrices, catalogs, and process flows
  • Create and manage rich text and HTML email and document templates
  • Automatically launch processes or activities based on SLAs, events, schedules, emails, and messages; including bulk launches from Excel
  • Provide visibility into and manage access, cost, and usage of APIs, cloud servers, and services.

New End-to-End Automation Capabilities

Ultimus 2021 is all about end-to-end automation: increasing the value of automation by seamlessly integrating complementary intelligent automation technologies and extending processes beyond the enterprise. Ultimus 2021 includes:

  • Built-in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based data extraction and verification, sentiment and keyword analysis, and AI/ML model building capabilities
  • Configurable user self-registration and access and profile management capabilities that securely and efficiently extend processes to new users - both inside and outside the enterprise
  • Privacy capabilities that restrict sensitive process instance data from defined users or groups
  • Built-in blockchain anchoring for securing and authenticating documents and process records
  • New Ultimus Flobots – point-and-click “trained” automated user and machine steps that eliminate repetitive, error-prone tasks; simplify integrations; and reduce costs - without the need to license RPA bots.

User Experience Enhancements

Ultimus 2021 adds features and capabilities that optimize user experience, productivity, and engagement including:

  • 20-55% faster form loading and full 64-bit performance throughout the platform
  • Dynamic, multi-level, role based DPA Portal navigation
  • In-portal user messaging, notifications, and reminders
  • Expanded process information: process playback, routing, and rule evaluation data seamlessly incorporated into end user process maps
  • Pre-localization of Ultimus digital assets, packaged business concepts, and applications
  • User access, self-help, and profile self-management.

Comprehensive, Best-in-Class Security

As digital process automation increasingly becomes the key competitive differentiator, security is more important than ever. That’s why Ultimus 2021 includes:

  • Encrypted and single-use tokens for all user, server, database, and module communications
  • TLS 1.2 support and AES-256-CBC encryption.

Watch our Ultimus 2021 Product Release webinar, or contact us at for a personalized demo of Ultimus 2021 or to get help with your upgrade planning.

Watch Ultimus 2021 Product Release Webinar


About Ultimus

Ultimus is a global provider of low code digital process automation technology and solutions. The award-winning and patented Ultimus Digital Process Automation Suite is an entirely new concept in business process automation, intended to automate an entire business, rather than individual processes, in order to maximize business agility, effectiveness, and efficiency - both within the organization as well as with customers, suppliers, and partners. Ultimus application development, process, and production technologies are the proven way to deliver complex, highly tailored apps faster, with higher quality, and, of course, cheaper.

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