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Ultimus 2021 is Coming!

Posted on: December 11, 2020

A new Ultimus version will be released soon, one that will add significant value for business owners, end users, developers, and administrators. As it’s a major release, we wanted to share with you some of its major innovations and improvements.

First and foremost, this release brings the three principal product modules – Composed Process Solutions, Ultimus Adaptive BPM Suite, and Ultimus Advanced Task Service/Web Client – into a seamless and cohesive digital process automation platform. Accordingly, the official name of this release will be the Ultimus Digital Process Automation Suite 2021 (“Ultimus DPA Suite 2021” or “Ultimus 2021” for short) and, reflecting its expanded functionality and importance in enterprise process automation, our Ultimus Web Client will become the Ultimus DPA Portal.

A few highlights to look forward to in the Ultimus DPA Suite 2021:

  • Full 64-bit architectural support
  • Performance improvements averaging 25%-30% - and as much as 55% for some operations
  • Comprehensive, multi layered security enhancements for best in class protection
  • Privacy capabilities that restrict sensitive process instance data from defined users and groups
  • New reusable CPS Assets and Adapters to speed solution composition
  • Out-of-the-box CPS-based reports and dashboards and solution management, configuration, and administration applications
  • Support for the latest technologies - .NET, Visual Studio, SharePoint 365, and more
  • Streamlined user, group, and role management
  • Configurable user self-registration and self-management capabilities that reduce administrative effort and facilitate outside-the-enterprise use cases
  • Multi-level, dynamic, and role based Ultimus DPA Portal configurability that enhances usability
  • New Portal Notification capability that integrates alerts, reminders, or other communications seamlessly into the user workspace

Ultimus DPA Suite 2021, available in Q1 2021, will require new license files and re-compilation of EIK-based solutions.

Contact us at GlobalSales@ultimus.com or fill out this form to receive a release candidate or to get help with your upgrade planning.

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