Highlights to look forward to in Ultimus DPA Suite 2022:

  • Key modules – Process Administrator, System Administrator, and Organization Charts – are prepared as native Ultimus Composed Process SolutionsTM-based applications for a seamless platform experience, customer extendibility, and so select functionality can be exposed to business users for their direct control of solutions.
  • New CPS-based applications that reduce administrative effort and facilitate outside-the-enterprise use cases by allowing end users to self-register solution access and to maintain their user data, all controlled by configurable business process-based rules.
  • New FlobotsTM  for creating end-to-end hyperautomation solutions.
  • Enhanced platform reliability with automatic recovery mechanisms from network, database, and system failures and new solution and infrastructure-related debugging capabilities.
  • OpenID-based user authentication options that reduce administrative burden by managing access through Office365, Google, Apple, Facebook, etc.
  • Dozens of new controls for enhanced solution navigation, grid formatting, document handling and viewing, messaging and chat, user selection, and the creation and management of automatic document and email generation templates, as well as the ability for customers to create custom controls.
  • New geolocation, browser, and device identification capabilities to detect unauthorized access, improve auditability, and automatically incorporate this data in solutions, reports, etc.
  • A new subscription layer that allows CPS solutions and controls to communicate, exchange data, and trigger actions in other Ultimus solutions.
  • New access and data loading capabilities that improve solution, application, and form responsiveness in high load and large data set use cases.
  • A DPA Portal capability that allows users to create a personalized landing page dashboard of key productivity, task, and business data.
  • Support for the latest third-party browser, database, and application technologies.

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