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Ultimus Customers Realize Seamless, Pervasive, End-to-end Automation

Our digital process automation platform overcomes common business challenges and puts companies on the path to seamless, pervasive end-to-end automation.

Executives seeking accelerated growth, resilience, and operational excellence are increasingly turning to business process automation.

While large scale business process automation is widely viewed as the pathway to competitive advantage, long and expensive solution delivery, automation platform architectures lacking reuse, and siloed process applications that drive up the total cost of ownership are formidable barriers.

Ultimus created a novel new automation platform architecture that overcomes these challenges and puts customers on the path to seamless, pervasive end-to-end automation.

Unlike other low-code platforms, the Ultimus Digital Process Automation Suite:

  • Provides a built-in solution structure and essential functionalities - such as document handling, error checking, and reusable integrations - that shorten implementation times and reduce maintenance and training costs
  • Allows customers to create reusable solution fragment libraries that can be composed and recomposed into new solutions or solution families – eliminating duplication and enforcing reuse and best practice
  • Employs a patented rules-based process engine to maximize agility and satisfy complex process flow scenarios
  • Includes a tightly integrated, comprehensive, role-based portal/unified task list optimized for usability in high volume, multi-process installations.

Customers around the world and spanning every industry have standardized on the Ultimus Digital Process Automation Suite to realize the full potential of business process automation.

Let us take make your business process challenge into fully functional, near production grade solution proof of concept and see why the Ultimus DPA Suite has been called “one of the most comprehensive and well-thought-through digital process management systems on the market”.

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