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Natural Resources Firm Standardizes on Ultimus for Operational Effectiveness

One of the world’s leading producers of liquified natural gas used the Ultimus Digital Process Automation Suite for enterprise-wide automation.

New York, NY – January 12, 2022 – Ultimus, the award winning low-code digital process automation technology and innovation leader, released a new case study describing how one of the world’s leading producers and transporters of liquified natural gas used the Ultimus Digital Process Automation Suite to realize the strategic benefits of enterprise-wide automation.

The customer chose Ultimus to avoid common automation pitfalls: having to learn and support multiple automation platforms to handle the full range of automation needs; expensive custom coding workarounds to address missing platform functionality; architectures that do not support reuse and consistency; and confusing, inconsistent, and unfriendly user interfaces that drive up training costs and discourage user adoption.

In a little less than a year, the Ultimus DPA Suite was used to create 12 automated business process applications used by over 2,000 employees. These solutions span a wide range of use cases - from Risk Assessment to Asset Relocation and Disposal Approvals to Incident and Security Investigation Management, among others.

Leigh Michl, Ultimus Chairman & CEO, commented, “This customer realized what more and more of our customers are realizing – when you have a composable solution architecture that maximizes reuse, you can automate more and more efficiently because, over time, there are fewer and fewer new things to develop”.

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