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Low-Code that Moves the Needle

Ultimus is the only low-code platform with intuitive, graphical, and powerful tools across every dimension of solution variability.

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Low-code development platforms have become immensely popular because they abstract away complexity and let non-programmers build software faster - as much as 10 times faster - than with conventional coding.

But most low-code tools are limited to data entry applications and low-complexity workflows - the types of things that just don’t move the business value needle. At the other end of the spectrum are the expensive, hard to use platforms masquerading as low-code.

The Ultimus Digital Process Automation Suite is the only low-code platform that makes it easy to tackle complex, mission critical projects – the ones that have the most business impact.

That’s because Ultimus is the only platform with intuitive, graphical, and powerful tools across every dimension of solution variability:

  • Process - Our patented, rules-based Adaptive BPM technology is the easiest yet the most comprehensive and proven BPM engine on the market.
  • Organization - Organization Charts lets you graphically define process-specific hierarchies, groups, and roles.
  • Task Automation - Ultimus Flobots™ automate repetitive, error-prone tasks and orchestrate systems and technologies into end-to-end solutions - without writing code or licensing RPA “bots”.
  • Application Composition - Ultimus Composed Process Solutions® is the only low-code environment with a fully composable architecture.

The Ultimus DPA Suite eliminates long, expensive professional service engagements, custom programming workarounds, and brittle inflexible islands of automation.

It’s the proven way to deliver complex apps faster, better, and of course, cheaper. That’s why Ultimus has been called “one of the most comprehensive and best thought-through digital process management systems on the market”.

Contact us if you’d like to speak to one of our automation experts or learn more about our patented, award-winning platform.

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