BPM... Huh?

by MK Strupe on Thu, Aug 12, 2010 @ 03:26 PM

Involved with Sales I often times find customer and prospects perplexed by the term BPM. While the term is actively used throughout the industry to express process solution software and its numerous functionalities, I wonder if we “industry experts” are not operating in a silo like environment in our discussions around BPM and related technologies?

The reoccurring issue I find when I talk to customers and prospects is that BPM is an acronym that virtually nobody can explain or define in such a way that “clicks”. I’m not saying people have not tried to define it and made some worthy efforts; rather even with the best of efforts 99% of subjects are still baffled. Moreover, out of the hundreds of customers I’ve visited not one of them has called me up and said, “Hey Chris, let’s get some BPM”.

confused by BPM

 Every day I am faced with the challenge and privilege of helping our customers become more effective in the way they do business.  More often than not, I find greater success in doing so by avoiding “techy jargon” and complicated acronyms. Outside of such intricate terms, technology, while very helpful, is only as smart as we allow it to be. Its real value is realized by understanding FROM ORDINARY PEOPLE what the challenges are and where they want to go next. From this, process solutions can be developed and implemented. It is not a scientific, super formula that we lock in a triple encrypted vault that allows us to help our customers, rather it’s our ears and some common sense that allow us to help. 

We absolutely love what we do here at Ultimus and I can tell you first hand that we’ve helped tons of customers but it all starts with a conversation or two, and NOT some demo of over complicated software solutions trying to define “BPM”. Our software is just software, until we tell it what to do. It is when the process software is given commands and information that allow it to capture and monitor further information that great value is truly realized. From a business and sales perspective, the focus is on the people and their challenges. By meeting their needs process bottlenecks are eliminated, solutions are developed and processes are improved. The end result is smoother operations, a more efficient company and happier employees.

People doing Process Improvement

It’s reaching out to customers and prospects on a level that makes sense and focuses on their needs that keeps us growing at a progressive rate and most importantly keeps our customers satisfied.

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Chris Haase
Director North American Sales

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