The Greater Good of BPM: Taking a Step Back

by MK Strupe on Tue, May 25, 2010 @ 11:51 AM
While discussing the in's and out's of BPM and its many uses with a senior level VP at Ultimus, I'm reminded of the rapid change we have seen in technology over the last 10 years. These technological advances have not only shaped the way we live, but have also greatly improved the quality of life that we as humans enjoy.

BPM has become more than just a business tool. While it's intended use is to improve the process efficiency of the company implementing it, its effects are being felt on a much greater scale. Take a step back and think about the key benefits a BPMS provides to businesses:

  • Eliminates paper-based, manual processes
  • Automates forms for obtaining and processing requests
  • Re-routes and eliminates bottlenecks to reduce process time and costs
  • Increases visibility into the availability and scheduling of costly machines, devices, as well as professionals, such as doctors
  • Improves process cycle time and productivity
  • Connects disparate systems for systems integration and consistency

These benefits on a greater scale have significant meaning beyond that of the individual company. Especially as BPM can be applied to any industry and any process, its capabilities are unlimited in terms of the value it can provide. Some of the more important advances and improvements in the world from BPM include:

  • Organizing and managing web-based donations to feed the hungry across the world
  • Decreasing our dependency on paper, thus saving our woodlands and forests
  • Reducing wait times at pediatric hospital emergency rooms
  • Improved patient scheduling, providing better care to more patients
  • Faster response time for IT, support, and maintenance requests in hospitals, schools, military facilities and resources
  • Expanding access to sustainable new energy resources such as wind and water
  • Efficient scheduling and use of aerospace engineering machines for testing and improving air and space travel
Go Green with BPM

Business Process Management (BPM) has made an incredible impact on humanity and the world. It is being used in every industry and whether you see it or not. Often times BPM is hidden in a company's infrastructure ensuring efficient internal operations and processing.  I find it amazing to think about the influence that BPM has had thus far, and welcome the value and improvements it will bring in the future as technology continues to advance.

To read more about the benefits company's and communities have experience from BPM, click here.


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