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Ultimus Announces Composed Process Solutions Go-Live: Travel Expense Reporting

Posted on: June 9, 2016

Ultimus announces that it has successfully deployed a new Composed Process Solutions-based employee travel expense reporting and approval process. 

Composed Process Solutions (CPS) employs the principles of product line engineering and automated manufacturing to create a software “application factory” for BPM-based workflow solutions. Instead of “handcrafting” one-off solutions using development tools like BPM Suites or Low Code development platforms, CPS allows implementers to simply describe solutions that are generated automatically in real-time from a standardized architecture and proven, optimized, and high-quality solution assets. The result: Order of magnitude improvements in solution delivery time, quality, and cost.

Our customer, a mid-sized multi-national software company, faced the challenge of managing numerous independent systems for internal and customer-billable travel as well as for various currencies and languages. They selected CPS as the best approach to quickly and cost effectively (1) implement a single solution that covers the full spectrum of their needs and (2) extend the process to mobile devices such as iPads and iPhones.

The new CPS travel solution allows employees to report expenses and upload receipts from any device; assign expenses to departments, regions, or customer projects; and report and be reimbursed in multiple currencies.  As the request moves through the approval process, any participant can select the language localization they are most comfortable working with. Finally, the solution is integrated with SharePoint (for document retention) and Great Plains (for general ledger).

In less than one month, our customer was able to implement a solution that eliminated multiple redundant solutions, more accurately and quickly re-bills customer project expenses, and provides visibility into expense trends. 

In addition, the standardized CPS approach will allow other processes, such as a planned travel pre-approval process, to work together seamlessly and be implemented with minimal additional end-user training.

Get started here to see the power of CPS with your business solution.