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Ultimus Announces Composed Process Solutions® for Human Resources

Ultimus announces that it has successfully deployed new Composed Process Solutions®-based workflow applications for human resources.

June 24, 2016  —  Ultimus announces the successful deployment of three new Composed Process Solutions®-based processes for Human Resources:  New Employee Onboarding, Employee Separation/Termination, and Employee Salary Adjustment Approval.

Composed Process Solutions® (CPS) employs the principles of product line engineering and automated manufacturing to create a software “application factory” for BPM-based workflow solutions.  Instead of “handcrafting” one-off solutions using development tools like BPM Suites or Low Code development platforms, CPS allows implementers to simply describe solutions that are generated automatically in real-time from a standardized architecture and proven, optimized, and high-quality solution assets.  The result: Order of magnitude improvements in solution delivery time, quality, and cost.

This trio of solutions showcases several key benefits of the Ultimus Composed Process Solution® approach including:

  • Rapid implementation of process automation workflow solutions;
  • A consistent look and feel and integrated solution work environment to reduce training;
  • Global solutions management and cross-solution compatibility;
  • Optimized responsive design and device detection to seamlessly extend solutions to mobile devices; and
  • Ready deployment and extension without recompiling or stopping and restarting servers.

Although CPS enjoys many fundamental advantages over other development approaches, the addition of each new CPS solution further increases the scope of reusable assets that are available to new CPS solutions - and reduces the effort manage and maintain them.  

To see how these latest Composed Process Solutions® could benefit your organization, or to see the power of CPS with your business solution, sign up here.

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