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Introducing Composed Process Solutions® Test Drives

Our self-guided Test Drives allow you to experience actual cloud-based solutions and to experience automating business processes using low-code development.

Experience first-hand the power of our game changing “industrial approach” to low-code development.

Our private, self-guided Test Drives allow you to experience first-hand actual cloud-based CPS solutions in several business process participant roles and to see the power of automating business processes using our game changing “industrial approach” to low-code development.

Our first Test Drive, Citizen Inquiry, is a simplified version of CPS solutions used by a variety of cities, towns, government entities, and law enforcement organizations to efficiently automate the fulfillment of citizen information requests, complaints, compliments, and suggestions and ensure accurate follow-up and response within pre-determined legal or policy timeframes.  

CPS-based solutions:

  • Are the fastest and cheapest way to get powerful business applications tailored to your exact needs
  • Work on mobile devices and in every major language - without any extra work
  • Allow electronic submission, verification, and reuse of documents, photographs, videos, and other supporting documentation - avoiding error-prone duplication
  • Work seamlessly with other CPS-based solutions, eliminating complex and expensive point-to-point integrations, data duplication, and errors
  • Leverage the industry-leading Ultimus Adaptive BPM Suite 2017 and Ultimus Advanced Task Service 2017 to provide the widest range of work routing, notification, escalation, follow-up, and optimization options and ensure in-production solution performance and scalability
  • Employ highly intuitive CPS “self-service” and enterprise user interfaces to minimize training

Don’t settle for limited, inflexible SaaS and packaged applications or expensive, cumbersome custom solutions when Ultimus Composed Process Solutions® can give you exactly what you need.

 Take a CPS Test Drive

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