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Ultimus’ Generative Low-Code Development Platform Continues Third Straight Year of Global Customer Growth

Ultimus, the long-time low-code BPM technology innovation leader, announced today the continued rapid global expansion of their Composed Process Solutions customers base.

German 2018 IT-Innovation Award IconNew York, NY – July 19, 2018 – Ultimus, the long-time low-code BPM technology innovation leader and winner of Germany’s 2018 IT Innovation Award for blockchain process capabilities, announced today the continued rapid global expansion of their Composed Process Solutions®  customers base.  

With the recent addition of several new customers in Taiwan, Composed Process Solutions® (CPS), the only low-code BPM platform that generates business process software solutions from business-level requirements, is now deployed in the government, biotechnology, life sciences, banking, telecom, and insurance sectors across every continent and major regional market. 

CPS is part of a comprehensive and tightly-integrated Digital Process Automation Suite that also includes the patented Ultimus Adaptive BPM Suite and Ultimus Advanced Task Service, the only technology that ensures the productivity, performance, and scalability of in-production business process applications.

With customers in Taiwan, the US, the UAE, Panama, Germany, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Iraq and platform implementations in English, Arabic, Spanish, German, and Chinese, CPS is among the most widely-deployed low-code development platforms available today.

Ultimus digital process automation technologies, coupled with Ultimus Enterprise Solutions services, make digital transformation a practical reality through fast, cost effective, and manageable digitization of business processes – across all devices, languages, use cases, and deployment scenarios.

Learn more about the power of Ultimus’ generative “industrial” low-code technology or get a free proof-of-concept of your own business process automated with Ultimus technologies.

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