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Ultimus Mentoring Services: Your “On Call Expert” for Automation Success

Posted on: November 19, 2020

Ultimus Mentoring Services help customers realize the full power of our revolutionary Composed Process Solutions “prescriptive low-code” technology, an application development concept that an independent research firm calls “the next advance in low-code development”.

Mentoring Services is like having an expert “on call” so that customers can access the skill set they need, when and for as long as is needed, to ensure digital process automation success.

Customers can use these pre-paid packages of Mentoring hours for a variety of automation services including:

  • Additional training
  • Guidance on CPS composing best practices
  • Solution certification and optimization
  • Solution development assistance
  • Implementation planning
  • Digital transformation strategy.

Contact us at training@ultimus.com if you’d like to discuss our Training and Mentoring services or learn about prescriptive low-code, the new “Fastest Route to Enterprise Solutions”.

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