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Introducing Ultimus Adaptive BPM Suite 2017

Posted on: December 24, 2017

Ultimus announces the release of its latest BPM Suite with numerous cloud, solution creation, and system integration improvements and enhancements.

Ultimus, Inc., developer of Ultimus Composed Process Solutions, Ultimus Adaptive BPM Suite, and Ultimus Advanced Task Service, announced today the availability of Ultimus Adaptive BPM Suite 2017 (Ultimus 2017), the successor to Ultimus 2016 and the latest in its version 8 product family.

Ultimus 2017 contains numerous improvements and feature enhancements which greatly improve cloud usage, solution creation and system integration capabilities including IaaS support for Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, and IBM Cloud, allowing customers and partners to create Ultimus based PaaS and SaaS solutions.

Ultimus Adaptive BPM Suite 2017 improvements and enhancements include:

  • Cloud support e.g. Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS or IBM Cloud
  • Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) support in WebService Flobot and Process and Form Actions
  • Build in support for key Composed Process Solutions (CPS) capabilities including CPS Standardized Request & UI Service and CPS Solution Bus
  • BPM Engine enhancements that improve transaction handling
  • Support for new technologies such as Microsoft Windows Server 2016, Microsoft SQL Server 2016, Oracle 12c, Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016, Exchange Server 2016, Exchange 365, Office 2016, Outlook 2016 and Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • Additional performance enhancements, features, and fixes.

Upgrading to Ultimus 2017

Ultimus 2017 has no technological or architectural breaks with Ultimus 2014 or Ultimus 2016; therefore, there is no need for process or database migrations when upgrading.

With Ultimus 2017, support for certain older Ultimus technologies such as Ultimus Thin Client is discontinued. These changes necessitate certain configuration changes for existing installations. As always, Ultimus assistance in upgrading can be arranged through your account manager or by contacting us at

Detailed information about each new feature and enhancement in this version can be found in the Release Notes.

In order to access Ultimus Adaptive BPM Suite 2017, please sign up to schedule an advisory call. During the call, we will assist you with the proper actions you will need to take in order to proceed.

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