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Enterprise Software has been designed to optimize performance “inside” a company’s application, where organizations run into problems is when they try to use these applications as a Business Process Optimization solution. BPM Software has been designed to touch people and systems “across” the entire organization filling a void less robust solutions leave. Ultimus can enhance the following systems:

Ultimus enables companies to rapidly deploy our cost-effective, flexible BPM solution. Our out-of-the-box solution offers advanced built-in capabilities to handle the unique BPM requirements. While it may be possible to develop these process-centric capabilities with a development platform, it would require greater time, effort and cost.

Historically, business applications were built, deployed and managed separately by department and job function. EAI succeeded in transferring data from one application to another, but it failed to deliver a higher level of customer value. When BPM came onto the scene, it was able to fill holes where EAI had failed.

Ultimus customers are using BPM in conjunction with their existing document management or ECM capabilities to directly link information with specific processes, add time-bound metrics for the completion of tasks, and to route the information to specific people in the organization based on well defined rules and event conditions.

ERP systems provide great benefits for specialized, high value transactions they were designed to control. However, companies also have many cross-functional processes that exist “outside” the application. This is where Ultimus steps in.

While popular for collaboration, intranet, and document management, SharePoint has limitations in enterprise business process use cases that cause profound problems in common, real-world situations. Ultimus provides a variety of ways to overcome these limitations and leverage SharePoint’s strengths.

The Ultimus BPM Suite provides 360-degree support for SOA out-of-the-box. Even more important, Ultimus’ unique, patented Adaptive Discovery technology enables Adaptive SOA rapidly and accurately.

The result of business optimization for SCM can mean faster time to market with new products, increased inventory turns, and less cash tied up in work in process. Ultimus is automating hundreds of SCM business processes including new product development, prototyping, product manufacturing, quality assurance, packaging, raw materials, warehousing, shipping and custom quotes, and more.


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