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Insist on a Bake-Off Before Investing in a Low-Code Development Platform

For high-stakes investment decisions such as enterprise technology, nothing beats a vendor bake-off for assuring the best fit for the buyer.

Low-code development tools are a proven way to reduce application development time and enhance business agility. That's made low-code one of the fastest growing software segments.

That explosive growth has attracted new entrants and escalated vendor hype, increasing the risk of failed automation initiatives, expensive and disruptive platform replacement cycles, and technical debt.

For high-stakes investment decisions such as this, nothing beats a vendor bake-off, tailored to the buyer’s own real-world needs, for assuring the best fit.

While vendors try to avoid bake-offs because they can lengthen the sales cycle and expose weaknesses, Ultimus encourages them. We are proud of our platform, support, and services and we’ve learned that bake-offs increase, not decrease, our chance of winning a deal.

For the buyer, a bake-off does more than just prevent the wasted time and expense of a career-defining procurement mistake. Bake-offs allow buyers to embark on their strategic automation initiative with confidence and assure vendor alignment with their goals and vision. Bake-offs shouldn’t take a lot of time, after all, time to delivery is the reason to go low-code in the first place! And the proof-of-concept produced by the winning vendor can be the springboard to an initial, quick automation win.

For organizations that aren’t that far along in their purchasing process or are disappointed with the progress of their automation initiative, contact us about a custom proof-of-concept and see why the Ultimus DPA Suite has been called “one of the most comprehensive and well-thought-through digital process management systems on the market”.


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