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Hyperautomation, Citizen Development, and Composable Low-Code Platform Demo

Ultimus incorporates hyperautomation, citizen development, and composable low-code into a single platform for business process success.

Hyperautomation, citizen development, and composable low-code are the essential ingredients of a successful business process automation initiative.  

They allow organizations to satisfy the demand for more sophisticated, intelligent, and agile end-to-end process applications - without an explosion of complexity, technical debt, and total cost of ownership. 

The Ultimus Digital Process Automation Suite incorporates these concepts into a single platform.  Its unique compositional architecture lets business users visually assemble and reassemble digital assets into secure, mission-critical enterprise solutions – the ones that have the most business value. 

And it’s the only platform for both business and professionals, allowing everyone to collaborate while inherently enforcing best practice, consistency, and alignment across your entire transformation effort.

Click on the link below for a demonstration of the Ultimus DPA Suite and see why Ultimus has been called “one of the most comprehensive and best thought-through digital process management systems on the market”.

See a Demo




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