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Ultimus “one of the few systems that could, in practice, deliver on the promise of hyperautomation”

Deep Analysis, a leading process management advisory firm, spotlights Ultimus in their recent vendor report.

Leading information and process management research and advisory firm Deep Analysis published a new vendor profile, calling Ultimus “one of the most comprehensive and well-thought-through digital process management systems on the market”.

In this new profile, Deep Analysis founder and analyst Alan Pelz-Sharpe, highlighted the Ultimus Digital Process Automation Suite’s blockchain/smart contract capabilities. Mr. Pelz-Sharpe stated:

Alan Pelz-Sharpe circle headshot

 Alan Pelz-Sharpe
Founder and Analyst,
Deep Analysis


“Ultimus appears to be the first process automation firm to have recognized this opportunity and built the capability to anchor transactions, documents, and process data (effectively notarizing them) on a blockchain”.

Mr. Pelz-Sharpe, a 25-year technology veteran, described key Ultimus differentiators such as the power and flexibility provided its organizational mapping capabilities, patented rules-based architecture, RPA-like FlobotsTM functionality, and ability to transform critical and complex process automations.

DA vendor report coverLeigh Michl, Ultimus Chairman & CEO, said “Alan has long been recognized as a thought leader in process management and information services. It means a lot that someone of Alan’s caliber has acknowledged our vision – to create a platform for strategic business process automation”.READ VENDOR REPORT

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