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Can your Low Code Platform do this?

To choose the right low code digital automation platform, one that can deliver strategic value, ask yourself the following questions...

Interest in business process automation is at an all time high, thanks in no small part to low code automation platforms.

But a collection of automated processes will not deliver the business value needed to win. Transformative automation requires strategic thinking – thinking in terms of automating a business, not individual processes. That’s because no business process exists in isolation. Each process is part of an ecosystem of interdependent processes and applications that collectively determine an organization’s cost structure, agility, and customer satisfaction.

To choose the right low code automation platform, one that can deliver strategic value, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can the platform meet real world form, business logic, and process flow requirements - without custom programming?
  • Can it support production requirements, i.e., supporting complex network load balanced, multi-server environments that ensure solution response time and availability - while hiding that complexity from end users?
  • Can it create solution families that can be globally managed, and interoperate, to meet higher order business challenges?
  • Can it automate tasks and steps and seamlessly integrate with other systems - without having to separately license integration or RPA platforms?
  • Can it also develop the supporting applications that give business users the visibility, agility, and control they need – without IT or administrator involvement? Not just reports but also applications that manage APIs, cloud servers, and services; configure automated process launches based on events, schedules, and SLAs; and manage approval matrices, business rules, and process routing.
  • Can it orchestrate complimentary technologies such as blockchain and AI/ML extraction, keyword analysis, and sentiment analysis?
  • Does it enforce consistency, reuse, and best practice?

If the answers to any of these questions is no, we encourage you to learn more about the Ultimus Digital Process Automation Suite or to get a custom, near production-ready automation proof-of-concept.

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