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    Ultimus Webinar: Blockchain - A Practical Reality for Digital Process Automation

    Posted on: February 9, 2018

    Tierion LogoThis webinar is now over. View the recording here.

    Run Time: 27 minutes

    The world is abuzz with talk of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies: their meteoric rises and falls in value, their potential to displace our currencies. But underlying the hype is blockchain, an historic advance in software architecture that has implications far beyond currency.

    The purpose of this webinar is to dispel the confusion around blockchain and explain its role in enterprise business technology and processes. Learn how recent technology innovations quickly and easily overcome the practical challenges of implementing blockchain and can make blockchain-enabled applications a reality today.

    In this webinar, Ultimus and leading blockchain industry experts discuss and demonstrate how business process management and blockchain technologies combine to solve fundamental problems facing digital business initiatives in banking, healthcare, law, medical technology, government, compliance - and virtually every other industry.

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