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    Ultimus Webinar: Traditional BPM Gives Way to Digital Process Automation

    Posted on: April 21, 2017

    This webinar is now over. View the recording.

    BPM is undergoing a profound change. Where cost savings were once the primary driver of BPM projects, the emphasis is changing to customer experience and, ultimately, to digital transformation.

    In this webinar, guest presenter and Forrester Research Vice President and Principal Analyst Rob Koplowitz will explain Forrester’s rationale for replacing “Business Process Management” (BPM) with “Digital Process Automation” (DPA) and how the digitization of all business functions – and turning data into insights that provide a better customer experience - is an imperative that will become the strategic differentiator of the future. 

    Usama Mehmood will present the Ultimus Composed Process Solutions vision of Digital Process Automation: Replacing today’s notion of business process automation – doing what we do today in electronic form – with a new notion – turning business processes into digital assets that can be composed and recomposed on demand for ongoing business transformation.

    Brian Patsy will provide specific, “real world” examples of the benefits and ROI of DPA, how new thinking and new tools can fulfill critical, unmet business needs faster and at a fraction of the cost of other approaches. 

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