Automate and Simplify Your Onboarding Process

by Laura Storjohann on Wed, Jul 13, 2011 @ 08:57 AM

There are many challenges with being a new employee at a company.  You have to adjust to your new work environment and company culture and adapt to new co-workers and your assigned responsibilities.  But as difficult as it may seem to get onboard with a company, you may have it a bit better than your Human Resource department.

Human Resource departments spend a great deal of time and resources identifying, recruiting, interviewing, and hiring key personnel.   Once a new employee is hired, HR then has to collect and file their personal information.   Many bottlenecks can occur if these processes are paper-based, such as resumes getting lost in the review process, potential hire’s information getting misplaced, and countless hours spent having to re-enter employee information into databases.

Through a combination of expertise, extensive global experience, service and technology, Ultimus’ goal is to provide solutions to complex HR challenges, such as the onboarding process. By integrating with existing document management systems, the Ultimus BPM Suite bridges the gap between departments, helping HR departments hire new employees much more efficiently.

Benefits in Automating Your Onboarding Process
  • Improves alignment of HR onboarding goals to company goals
  • Increases visibility into hiring status
  • Increases productivity so fewer resources are required
  • Eliminates rework and bottlenecks throughout the onboarding processes
  • Customizes views of hiring information
  • Improves tracking ability
  • Reduces human error
  • Integrates with existing systems
  • Enhances communication
  • A green alternative
  • Reduces cycle times

business accerlation

Ultimus delivers significant business results to Human Resource departments. From getting a new employee onboard to filing the paperwork, Ultimus can automate and simplify the onboarding process so HR departments can capitalize on their company’s true potential.  


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