Avoid Time Off Request Chaos

by Laura Storjohann on Mon, May 23, 2011 @ 04:35 PM

We all know that taking time off from work can be quite a hassle. In our minds, we ask ourselves:

 “How many vacation days do I have and how many have I previously taken? How many more hours or days can I afford to miss? I hope I can get my requested days off approved short notice.”

You then proceed to play e-mail tag with your company’s HR department to find all of this information out. This can take up a lot of extra time, and if your company has hundreds of employees, we can assume this must be a nightmare for the HR department to sort through.  

Fortunately, Ultimus can make the process of requesting off work as easy and stress free as your vacation will (hopefully) be. The Ultimus Adaptive BPM Suite can automate your company’s Time Off Requests and fully integrate with your company’s Human Resources’ database.

With the first day of summer rapidly approaching, Ultimus has now added the Time Off Request Process to its list of Test Drives. An Ultimus Test Drive acts as a personal interactive demo of the software, and when you sign up, you can see firsthand how this very process can be automated.

In the Test Drive, you will participate in requesting time off work (whether it be for vacation, floating holidays, sick time,  jury duty etc.), as well as partake in processing supervisor approvals and denials.

Additionally, through the Time Off Request Test Drive, you’ll experience:

  • Display of current Paid Time Off hours within forms from an HR database
  • Automated deduction of approved Paid Time Off hours from an HR database
  • View of all previous Time Off Requests from a historical database
  • Warning prompts for requests that exceed available Paid Time Off hours
  • Rules-based routing of tasks based on approvals and denials
  • Digital Signature of approvals
  • Email notifications for approvals and denials

Time Off Request

Ultimus Software has deployed HR solutions from entire workflows to back end processes, into hundreds of organizations across every industry vertical. By automating HR solutions such as this one, your company will save time, require fewer resources, reduce human error and increase productivity.

Sign up now to experience the Time Off Request Test Drive for free.


Laura Storjohann
Marketing Communications Specialist
Ultimus Inc.

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