What are Your Go To BPM Resources?

by Taylor Leighton on Fri, Dec 03, 2010 @ 04:38 PM

With the world at our fingertips, it can often seem like information overload… or “drinking out of a fire hose ”, a colloquialism I frequently hear in reference to business process management.  For starters, industry experts are challenged to even agree on the definition of BPM. What is it, exactly? How will it solve problems? One thing is for sure… many of the resources out there are obscure, especially to an industry rookie like me.

However, there are several resources that have been instrumental in my gaining knowledge of the BPM enigma.  Whether it be implementation or processes, choosing the right software (or is it the right solution?), or even comprehending the myriad of acronyms that are scattered throughout blogs, vendor websites, and Twitter – it can be hard to know where to look.  The following are recommended resources worth bookmarking or subscribing to:

Adam Deane’s Business Process and Workflow

Adam Deane is a BPM consultant and technical lead with experience in every aspect of the BPM lifecycle.  On his website, he provides refreshingly frank feedback on everything BPM related.  He candidly explains that his writing has no set agenda and likens himself to a “fly on the wall” – listening, observing, and hopefully learning (and then spreading his knowledge through blog posts). He also maintains a BPM blog list in addition to a list of vendors.

Sandy Kemsley’s Column 2

Sandy Kemsley is a highly regarded independent analyst and systems architect with expertise in business process management, Enterprise 2.0, enterprise architecture and business intelligence.  In addition, she has experience working on the business operations side of projects, provides BPM training and is a noted speaker.  Column 2 is chockfull of valuable information, including a list of her past presentations (speaking engagements, webinars, podcasts), a calendar listing the multitude of events in the BPM space, and nearly seven years of blog posts and product reviews.  Albeit she remains neutral in her writing, her current customers are no secret, as she publically displays the names of these vendors.   

Max J. Pucher’s Welcome to the Real (IT) World!

If you prefer a spoonful of humor to help the BPM go down, or as Max describes it, “politically incorrect thoughts on information technology”, look no further.  He is the Founder and Chief Architect of ISIS Papyrus Software.  He is forthright in his belief that yesterday’s BPM is a “straightjacket for any business” as software solutions now need to be accessed on a contextual basis.  As the blog title implies, Max has a knack for connecting real world situations to business processes, which is seen in a recent post dubbed “Process is Conversation, or ‘Did you hear the PIN drop’?”


If you are new to the concept of BPM, this site explains the difference between business process management and workflow and will provide you with a base to build upon.  It describes how the two technologies are separate and distinct, details commonalities and explores frequent misconceptions regarding both.


Twitter is a powerful information sharing and research tool which you can use to follow topics, companies and individuals.  Many industry experts use Twitter for micro-blogging important updates.  In addition, Twitter is unique in its ability to capture conversations spanning time, subject matter and location.  For example, through the use of hashtags (a topic with a hash symbol in front, i.e. #BPM), you can follow and categorize information of interest.

Of course, there are many useful BPM resources and these are just a few that have helped me conceptually grasp the expansive and ever-changing BPM space.  What BPM resources do you have on speed dial?


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